Gerd Fritsche replacement blade

Just thought I should post this here:

I recently bought a Norris 1/2" #8 rebate plane. There's lots of #8's around, but not so many 1/2" ones. The plane itself is fine, as is the wedge. But the blade, which is original, is awful. Can not keep a sharp edge at all. I'm not sure why, maybe Norris's manufacturing standards had already diminished when this plane was produced, maybe the temper was drawn by one of the previous owners' attempts to sharpen it, but, for whatever reason, the blade is basically unusable.

Trying to find a replacement, as you'd expect, was pretty difficult. None of the dealers I contacted had an original 1/2" #8 blade; they had no one they could contact to get one. None of the 1/2" wide blades that are currently being manufactured by Lee Valley or Lie-Nielsen fit correctly. So I decided to get someone to make a new replacement blade. I was referred to Gerd Fritsche, who you've probably heard of - he makes lovely planes, based on Norris designs, including a 1/2" shoulder rabbet. He also sells replacement blades for Norris, Spiers, Record, Stanley, and German wooden planes, and what he calls Krenov style blades and kits.

He had to reshape one of his blades so it would fit the Norris body, and he sold it to me for a very reasonable price. Shipping was quick. The blade fits perfectly and works beautifully. It's easy to sharpen and keeps its edge very well. Gerd says he's using D2 steel which he feels is the equal of PM steel. I've never used PM blades so I can't make that comparison but I can surely report that this blade is remarkable.

So if you happen to be in a similar situation I would encourage you to contact Gerd. He's very easy to do business with and I think you'll be very satisfied with his work.

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That's good to hear. I wondered if his clients were Euro-UK. I think Pedder had skew blade made by him.
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(09-11-2017, 11:42 PM)hbmcc Wrote: That's good to hear. I wondered if his clients were Euro-UK. I think Pedder had skew blade made by him.

Not a skew blade but a replacement for my LV BUS and a blade ai need to build a plane around .
Gerd's Blades are very resistant, but therefore hard to sharpen, too. Diamond paste is the best to use for his blades.


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