Not another box...
Build Rolleyes 

Currently using up the last of the "good" lumber in the shop.....had a bunch of clear Poplar, some 3/4, some 1/2" thick....was taking up too much space in the scrap bin.   
So..IF anyone wants to follow along,  maybe I can cobble up a box out of these? Confused 
Might involve a few hand tools Rolleyes ...
Maybe a few hand planes.    Hand cut through dovetails?
And other amazing things... Winkgrin 
Like a 2 patent date No. 4 used as a Jointer?   Cool 

If you want to follow along, stay tuned for the next exciting episode Yes
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
  Re: Not another box... by bandit571 (Build :rolleyes:  ...)
Thanks a very interesting setup you have there. I bet i could stand there for an hour and see interesting stuff.
"Life is too short for bad tools.".-- Pedder 7/22/11
  Re: Not another box... by bandit571 (Build :rolleyes:  ...)
You may get put to work, if you stand there too long Winkgrin 

OK..had to get a new Shop Stool, as the old one broke at the leg welds... No  
I like to sit down while I work on dovetails....mainly when I use this item..
I do pins first,  as it is easier to layout the tails with the pins...I also set up a 2 x 6 maple chopping block to remove the waste
I chop down about halfway, leaving a tab on the edge for support, for the next part.   I flip the board over...
And pop the waste out.   Chisel is a "new" Aldi's 8mm Winkgrin seemed to cut this Poplar nicely enough.
Once the pins are done, I can stand the board up, use a sharp pencil...
And mark out the tails.   Key here is,  to cut on the waste side of the lines.   You can "split" the lines, but, the more line you leave, the tighter the fit.   Had all four "sets" of pins episode will be about them tails....
stay tuned...
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
  Re: Not another box... by bandit571 (Build :rolleyes:  ...)
Tails?   The one area I do use a power tool at.   I can see the lines I am trying to cut, and I really can't saw at an angle by hand all that well...have enough trouble  going straight down. Uhoh   Plus, I only have to mark one face of the board.   I also make a few "extra cuts" to help getting rid of the waste.... Winkgrin 
As little slivers don't get jammed in place.   Still using that 8mm chisel ( I use a wider one to clean larger areas up)
Mallet to remove the slivers with the chisel, but...I use my chin to "power" the chisel to clean up at the "baseline"   since I can look straight down as I pare to the line.  Then a dry fit..
As least they fit Winkgrin each part "home"
Once all four corners are done, maybe check for square? Uhoh 
Close enough for the girls I run around with? Yes 

Ok, next up?   Need to make a few grooves, mainly for a top and bottom panel to fit into. 
That will be in the next episode..stay tuned..time to get..Groovy...
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
  Re: Not another box... by bandit571 (Build :rolleyes:  ...)
Feeling Groovy.... Laugh ,  Twas a song by that name, a long time ago, barely remember when it came out Rolleyes 
Anyway, I needed to make a few grooves....rather NOT use a router table...noisey, dusty, uncomfortable things Uhoh 
So, I need to change out a bead cutter  in the old Stanley #45, and install a #13 straight cutter....
1/4"  deep, and a 1/4" in from an edge.   The skates are at 1/4" wide, the cutter is a 1/16" wider....doesn't bind things up, that way Cool 

Need to build a jig, to hold the box sides still long enough to add a pair of grooves..
One was done, second long side being worked on.   Combo square to check the depth....I can adjust the jig for the shorter ends....
I rubbed not only the skates and fence with an old plain candle, I added a few "crumbs of wax into the grooves, once the got started.  Had to keep clearing the shavings, as they tend to bunch up.. Rolleyes 
have to  make sure these "noodles" do not get between the fence and the edge of the board....throws things off.. No
Once all 8 grooves were done, another dry fit...just to make sure the grooves all line up.   Cool  

Grooviness achieved, now about a bottom panel?    Top panel will be a slider.  I have a 1/2" thick poplar scrap, the is close to the right episode, I'll trim it to size, and add a rebate all around.....stay tuned Winkgrin
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
  Re: Not another box... by bandit571 (Build :rolleyes:  ...)
Bottom panel?   With the box dry fitted up, I could mark how wide, and how long the bottom panel needed to be.....bandsaw to trim the excess off.  Then a bit of jointer work, so I could have a straight edge to work from..
Yep, that is a 2 patent date Stanley No. need for a huge jointer plane.   I size the planes to the work being done.  9" plane works with a 12" long edge.   Test fit for size..
So, how do I add a rebate all around the edges, to fit into those grooves? Confused  
A Wards (Stanley) #78.    width of cut set to match the grooves..1/4", I adjusted the thickness to match the groove. 
Had to adjust the jig, again, to do the end grain first...
I also used that #4 to level things out...
Rough sawn poplar had a little waviness to it.   I got the end grain done first.   the switch things around a bit.  
Hmm, stay tuned for the next episode, as I am out of Photo space... Upset
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
  Re: Not another box... by bandit571 (Build :rolleyes:  ...)
A digression.... After seeing the birth of your handy workbench in another post, don't you think it time to do a new one? And, what would be different in the new bench?

Just coming up with busy work ideas ....  Smirk
  Re: Not another box... by bandit571 (Build :rolleyes:  ...)
Enjoying the build!
  Re: Not another box... by bandit571 (Build :rolleyes:  ...)
Ok, end grain is the jig, once again..
#4 to smooth things down level.   Now, since the spur on a 78 does not play nice with long grain, tends to push the plane off to the outside, other tools were needed.    I made a couple passes with the 78, to get the cut started, then hogged the rest out with this old plane..
Got things close, then a pass or two with the 78, to finish the depth of cut.    78 has a depth stop.   Test fits to see how the rebates fit all the grooves... Rolleyes panel was a hair too wide.   #4 to joint away the excess, until...
The dovetails could close all the way up.  So, I need to glue this mess up, none on the panel..I hope Rolleyes 

next up?  Have to wait on the glue up today.   Then I can see about..
Making a slider top, and a hidden one at that....
Add a few beads all the way around.   
Maybe the top bead will be at the spot where the slider comes out?
Stay tuned
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
  Re: Not another box... by bandit571 (Build :rolleyes:  ...)
Bandit, I still hate you guts. I wish I had your energy. I get home from work and all I want to do is sit down. I'm too tired from go go go all day long plus the wife starts to nag and the kid wants a piece of my time, by the time I have some freedom its time to go to bed.

You are my hero!!!

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