Fun with totes
On the left is the tote from a Stanley #6 I have had for a while with the horn broken off. Long story short, I dunked it in a cup of epoxy I had left over from a pour I had just finished. (Waste not, want not!). Once it cured, I went at it with a 4 in hand file, then every grit from 60 to 2000, and finished it off with Meguiar's Ultimate Compound car polish.

On the right is the tote I made (walnut) for a poor man's plow plane I currently have under construction.

This is really fun stuff. I have enjoyed shaping with rasp and file more than just about any other aspect of woodworking yet.

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  Re: Fun with totes by MattP (On the left is the t...)
Watch your step ... and have fun!

We talk about a slippery slopes. I think of avocations as multiple whirlpools, with no escape. No sooner do I fall into one and another develops. I wanted to build storage cabinets; a tool box, at least, for my meager collection of necessary tools. I now need a separate "shop". These spin-offs in the fun department are killers.

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