Bathroom grab bars?
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(12-30-2017, 02:21 PM)goaliedad Wrote: I do have to do a small drywall repair where the guy tried to use a towel bar as a grab bar- that did not end well.

The sad thing is the guy is in the hospital with a broken vertebrae-  Not really sure if it happened when he took out the towel bar, or a different fall. It sounds like he will be coming home with a back brace for now.
Getting old sucks.

That is sad. The truth is that "age in place" improvements should be made well before they are needed. I made improvements to my house when I was in my early 60's--well before I needed them. So I thought. A year later when I had carpal release surgery I made good use of the lever door handles. Here are some things to do:

1. Grab bars--I installed these all over the bathrooms and also on outside porch rails. There is one on the door frame of the garage shop that I use all the time because the single step does not have a handrail. And these things need to be anchored in SOLID wood because they receive lots of stress when you fall while holding on.
2. Lever door handles--I did the whole house. It looks nice and is real handy--especially when closing the door.
3. Labels on wall switches--Because sometimes we forget. I don't need them yet but visitors really appreciate knowing which switch to use on the multiplates.
4. Assist poles--I have one beside my bed. It is nice to have something steady to grab in the dark. And it helps with egress.
5. Remove trip/fall hazards--Loose rugs and floor clutter can send you to the ER because when you are older you cannot "dance" your way out of a trip.
6. Lighting--Cataracts are a fact of life for most of us and they happen slowly. Improved lighting really helps and the new LEDs will reduce your power bill.

There is a ton of info on the internet about aging in place. Even small changes can make big improvements and prolong the inevitable move to a higher care facility. My goal is to stay home where the workshop is as long as I can hold out.
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