Dowel Forming Plate
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Noise... that's the main reason I went to hand tools.
Safety was second on my list. So far, I haven't had a molding plane tear up a piece, or throw it across the shop.
Jim in Virginia
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  Re: Dowel Forming Plate by BrokenOlMarine (I posted a question ...)
sHEESH!! No one has a sense of humor. 

You have a nice dowel plate Old Marine. [Yaaaawn......]
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(02-02-2018, 01:52 AM)BrokenOlMarine Wrote: I posted a question here a few weeks ago, about making a dowel forming plate.  I got a lot  of helpful information, and was going to make my own, and in search of materials contacted a blacksmith friend to ask if he had a scrap of material he'd sell me.  I explained what I wanted and he said he'd make the plate and get it to me, between shoeing horses, making goat milking stands and all the other stuff, if I wasn't in a rush.  Sweet.

Weeks later, it shows up.
Big Grin

Here is the plate, nice and heavy, it lays on the bench and doesn't move as I pound on it. Great.

It arrived just in time to make spaulted maple dowels for a box I am making, I'll use them for reinforcement on the sides.
So, I tested it out, making 3/8ths dowels.

Worked like a champ, but... isn't there always a but?  Rolleyes  3/8ths were too wide for the box.
So, I figured I'd drive them thru the next size down.   No too big a jump in size.  So, I chose the drill bit halfway between 3/8ths and 5/16ths and drilled an extra hole.

Round the tip

Drive away...

Tah Dah, repeat for the next hole down and you have 5/16ths dowels

Here is the box in progress.  Domed top, spaulted maple and walnut 
with Walnut sides.  I have been doing as much as I can with hand tools,
and I love using the Lee Valley Spoke Shaves.

I have glued the top into position, and shaped it.  Once I am ready, I'll cut it loose, with about 3/4" of the side attached.
This will allow for something creative inside the top.

The stains on the front of the box are from the clamps.  I forgot to put wax paper under the clamp's rubber feet.  Upset  Sux to be senile.  Ah, they'll sand away when I start to prep the box for finishing.  If not, Miss Tina will have some really fancy kindling for the next barrel fire for trash.  Wink   
Welcome to my world.  Memory going, can't stand for long periods, butt hurts when I sit on the shop stool for a long time.  
But...  Rolleyes  It's not 1,000 degrees with an evil laugh ringing in my ear when I wake in the mornings... so I'm good.  Smirk
I don't remember if I mentioned this tip to you in your first post or not, but if you lay the "ball" end of a ball peen hammer in the hole and rap the other end of the hammer with a mallet, it will close the dowel hole a few thou. which may come in handy if you need a little more clearance for the dowel..It will also "sharpen" a plate that has been dulled from use..This does not work on a hardened steel draw plate...I have also used a ball bearing to do the job, but do not recommend it...It may fly out like a bullet! Crazy
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(02-04-2018, 06:11 PM)Stwood_ Wrote: So how thick is your new plate? 3/8" or so?

Will it be chrome plated? Raised   Winkgrin Laugh

The plate is about 3/8 thick and I have no plans for any finish.  If the holes dull, i'll hit the top with a sander to sharpen them..  if they get unuseable, i'll go up one size with that hole, or two.  The drill a new one in the size that needs replacement.
Jim in Virginia
You can tell a lot about the character of a man -
By the way he treats those who can do nothing for him.
  Re: Dowel Forming Plate by BrokenOlMarine (I posted a question ...)
Why sharpen, just grab a bigger hammer.

Seriously, I have used mine a bunch and doesn't seem to need sharpened yet and it is not even heat treated.

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