A short Rust Hunt..
Only because I had very little cash in my pocket No 

Made one stop....brought along the Boss, just in case ( besides, she could also do a bit of shopping. Rolleyes .)

Soooo, for about $9.66, counting sales tax, what little treasure came home? Uhoh 
But wait, there was a "Bonus" of sorts... Rolleyes 
A MINTY Craftsman #13 bit... Winkgrin
Got this home, cleaned up the bit..
Nice and straight, and still sharp.   Barely used?   As for that brace, I think it MIGHT be a tad older.... Confused 
Seems to be a Goodell Pratt No. 408....
Jaws still have their spring.   That Loop is a shifter, and came out about..1905?    It determines which way the chuck ratchets, or center it up and  no ratchet...
Not too bad a day?
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
  Re: A short Rust Hunt.. by bandit571 (Only because I had v...)
Nice find on the brace. Thanks for posting. I had never seen the loop switch.
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  Re: A short Rust Hunt.. by bandit571 (Only because I had v...)
I have a Goodell Pratt brace like that ... was Grandpa's.
Patent date of 1892. 

It's not a minty as yours ... but the ratcheting mechanism works quite well.
I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

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