Powermatic 3520A SOLD
I have a Powermatic 3520A for sale it has seen light use. I have a few items to go with it. The banjo was replaced with a one way I liked the one way better. I sold the original banjo after I got the one way. It comes with a 15” one way took rest and two robust tool rests 4” and the J rest. It has a one way live center with the two cones. It also comes with a easy wood tools chuck. I have the following jaws for the chuck 20”, 16” big jaws with the extended grippers as well as the dove tail grippers. I also have 1 3/8”, 2 3/8”, 1/2”, 1 3/8” easy reach and 3 1/2” jaw sets I think the only set they make that I don’t have is the easy reach 3 1/2. I have 3 carbide cutters square round and curved head made from a guy in VA great quality. I also have a handful of sorby, crown and pinnacle tools as well. I am including the harbor freight right angle sander a one way spindle rest 3-4 faceplates all the wrenches and knockout tools as well as the guard. I have some other accessories to go with it as well like burning tool calipers and stuff like that. I have a extra belt also it doesn’t need it but I saw it cheap on eBay so I bought it to have a spare. I have leveling feet and a 18” extension on the lathe bed. It is a one stop shop to start turning. The lathe is located in Milton WV asking $2800 for the package great deal for someone wanting a nice lathe. Sorry I’m not very good about uploading pictures I can text you pictures or email them to you. Just pm me how you want the picture sent to you.
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