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(02-14-2018, 09:01 AM)Kansas City Fireslayer Wrote: Thanks for all the helpful hints.  I’m going to look at the Hock kits once I decide to take this on.  My family isn’t very nice to knives so I think I may make a set and stash them in a drawer for my own use.

I made four or five kitchen knives over 40 years ago and still use two of them frequently. I used scrap cherry scales for one and scrap walnut scales for the other. Both of these knives have held up well but I take good care of them. My knives are stored in a block and get hand washed after each use. Find some blanks you like and go to it. Good luck.
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  Re: Kitchen knife kits by Kansas City Fireslayer (Has anyone here made...)
(02-12-2018, 11:30 PM)Kansas City Fireslayer Wrote: Has anyone here made kitchen knife handles from premade blades or kits?  Any recommendations?  I have a hodgepodge of nice German steel kitchen knifes but I’m considering doing a really nice set for my next “small” project.  I would like to find blanks that are high quality like a Damascus or a Japanese steel.  I figure if I’m going to dedicate the time they should be something special when I’m done.  

I haven’t given too much thought to the wood species yet but Madagascar ebony would be stunning.

I used Gabon ebony or rosewood.  I think dense tropical woods will hold up best and look great.  My knives are daily users and the handles still look new even after a few years use.  Hand wash with dish washing detergent, rinse, dry and stick in a block is all it takes.  Ken

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