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(02-24-2018, 10:03 PM)Peter Tremblay Wrote: Also, Ryan made the 5lb stainless steel mallet that I use and love.

I put the leather wrapping on it but he made it in his shop class.

He didn't like the weight and listed it in swap & sell.

Here's the mallet that I was mentioning.


I attached the leather with epoxy and it worked except for the "pommel" of the mallet.  That fell off after a few uses so I drilled and tapped a hole and remounted the pommel with a thunder washer.

It is heavy but it does not bruise chisel handles because of the leather.
And I love the weight as it only takes small "taps" for this to take strong cuts.  I don't need a big swing to propel a chisel nor a hold down.

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I have two turned mallets, one was a flea market find made of lignum vitae, smaller but has some heft to it; the other is a hard maple one I turned myself, a bit larger made from a chunk of maple I had laying around, and when it got all funky from striking, I put it back in the lathe and turned it down a bit. I have a billet of Osage Orange that one of these days I'll rive and then turn another. Not a lot of skill involved in turning a round mallet.
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