This Old House
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(06-09-2018, 11:01 PM)Phil Thien Wrote: Can't find it now but my wife read a statement from Roger indicating he is having some health problems and taking a break from TOH.

The guy is clearly in pain, sure hope that clears-up for him ASAP.

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I hope he has a quick and full recovery.  I always enjoyed Roger's segments.
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This Old House is what got me interested in woodworking. In the 70' I got a Craftsman table saw and band saw. Made doll cradles, toy boxes etc. Then as the kids got older and it got harder to work out of a two car garage with two cars parked inside. Now I have a new 20' X 25' shop thats all mine. Now I have a new Powermatic table saw, band saw & jouinter and getting things set up.
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(03-12-2018, 09:08 AM)thooks Wrote: I couldn't imagine how many Delta and Porter-Cable tools were sold in the 80's and 90's because of those two shows.

it's the primary reason I own the PC routers I own.
This isn't a woodworking group, its a group of mostly imbeciles and retards.  FearMonger  8-Feb-2012
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(06-11-2018, 09:28 AM)Bill Wilson Wrote: I hope he has a quick and full recovery.  I always enjoyed Roger's segments.

Recently, I signed up for TOH/ATOH/etc. online and through about 10 seasons of ATOH - watching on my iPad - Roger really does some hard and strenuous projects, so understand his reduced involvement in the program - hope that his health issues improve.  At my age, I now use an outside maintenance service and all of the guys are pretty young - Roger has one of the more tiring jobs on that show IMO; just no way that I could do the yard work I did routinely 20+ years ago - Dave Smile
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