Pine Inventory
Have a few Leftovers.... Rolleyes 
There is one plank I want to set aside.. Cool 
Might resaw it for parts for a small box.... Winkgrin maybe add a hint of Curly Maple to it Confused

Once I get the bad spots cut from the rest of the boards..
I'll see what is left, and start to upgrade a til.... Uhoh 
It seems I have out-grown this one....

Doctor's visit did NOT go well.. No ..early stage of Parkinson's causing the right hand to tremor....go back for a follow up in a month.  Will up-date the two projects, and time goes by. 

Stay tuned..
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
  Re: Pine Inventory by bandit571 (Have a few Leftovers...)
You're right. Get to work on a till. I assume the braces need help. You are highly capable of resolving design issues, but I see steps with all those pieces. 

Keep busy! Yes
  Re: Pine Inventory by bandit571 (Have a few Leftovers...)
Here we go... Uhoh
Ten notches...spaced for the top handles on the braces
Two end pieces, bottom edges were cut at an angle, to give things a little tip-back
Blocks to attach the rail with,,,added screws to reinforce the slots in the rail..
Need to clear away all of this mess, slide the drill press as far to the left as I can....need a bit of room Rolleyes 
To sit the til there.  Have it sitting on the bench ( with screws to keep it there) until the spot is cleaned up for it...

There was one brace that was too big for this til....a Stanley 14" sweep one.   It is now hanging up ( out? Laugh )  with the eggbeaters. 

I can get the move done later....shakes in the right hand flared up, again. No   After the til is put away, I can start some resaw work on that fancy board...maybe a small lidded box?  Stay tuned... Winkgrin
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
  Re: Pine Inventory by bandit571 (Have a few Leftovers...)
    Not fun to hear about that diagnosis.  Do you mind sharing your age?  Hoping for the best for you.

  Re: Pine Inventory by bandit571 (Have a few Leftovers...)
I turn 65 in May..... Rolleyes
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
  Re: Pine Inventory by bandit571 (Have a few Leftovers...)
Bandit, don't let the diagnosis or the symptoms deter you from your workshop. I've had what my doctors cal "essential tremor" for years. It is a hereditary condition that causes hand shake and it gets progressively worse over time. I used to have a very attractive and legible cursive handwriting, but it has become almost illegible in recent years. I find that I can function very well int he shop if I find something to brace myself against, even for close, detail work. I hope your Parkinson's is successfully treatable.
  Re: Pine Inventory by bandit571 (Have a few Leftovers...)
Heck, there are woodworkers out there doing fine work in wheel chairs,
blind, etc. Rage on Bandit!!! While I am sorry to hear about the
diagnosis, I suspect you will continue in your endeavors and post them
here for us all to enjoy for many years to come!!

" Do not go gently into that good night, rage rage against the dying of the light..."

Mark Singleton

Bene vivendo est optimum vindictae
  Re: RE: Pine Inventory by bandit571 (I turn 65 in May.......)
(03-31-2018, 08:01 PM)bandit571 Wrote: I turn 65 in May..... Rolleyes

Bandit, I am sorry to hear your diagnosis as well.  Mom received the same news two years ago at 61.  I've spent a bit of time talking to the Physical Therapists at work (I work at a college), and everything I've read and they are telling me that the best way to slow progression of Parkinson's is exercise.  She now has a membership to the local YMCA and does classes there 3x per week. I've also set her up with the Physical Therapists at work who assign a couple of students to work with her per semester under their supervision. 

There are things to be done and you can certainly continue to do the things you enjoy, You will be a bit slower but don't get discouraged!!!
~ Chris
  Re: Pine Inventory by bandit571 (Have a few Leftovers...)

Keep at it...

For a long time, tina and I ran a charity taking vets from the VA kayak fishing, and were always amazed and impressed by the positive attitudes.  If one showed up with a negative attitude the others were all over them...  Big Grin raggin him or her until they had a more positive outlook.  Cool

We used to say during presentations that the difference between physically challenged and handicapped, is the handicapped individual gave up.  The physically challenged attacks and overcomes their disabilities by finding creative ways to adapt to them to continue to live their lives.  When or if the current solution no longer works, we regroup, attack in a different direction.  Winkgrin.

I will soon turn sixty, and after an unexpected trip in sept of 2016, and a road to recovery, I have "adapted" to working in the shop from my wheelchair and in shorter blocks of time... but... I'm still working in the woodshop... Crazy

The latest challenge?  Arthritic changes in my hands makes gripping the tools more painful for mallet and chisel or plane work for more than a half hour, and on my worst days my grip is noticeably weakened.   So... just last week, the doc prescribed more wax for my hand bath.  As advertised, we adapt and overcome.  Yes

Good luck...
Jim in Virginia
You can tell a lot about the character of a man -
By the way he treats those who can do nothing for him.
  Re: Pine Inventory by bandit571 (Have a few Leftovers...)
Well, after my subtle, but not so subtle "keep busy" note it is currently safe to continue. When an artist at our church was diagnosed with Parkinson's she jumped into a rigorous exercise regimen based on therapy recommendations that is working. Her husband joined her and both, after 50 years, are the healthiest they have been. They are well into their 70's.

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