As a lot of you know I used to precision grind hand planes and now I no longer do it because the grinder is no longer available. To fill out my day I always took more than I could finish and what some of you might be seeing is what I had in in advance. 

I also used to make knobs and totes but I really hated selling them at the going market price because they were to much work for what I could get. So the planes that I worked up were just setting there because of no knobs or totes, namely totes. So I decided to bite the bullet  and put them on a plane and sell the completed plane.

I also took a part time job at a hardware store and I figured with what I have set aside and if and when I sell the planes I have left and if I can sell my General 350 table saw I would have enough to buy a Saw Stop cabinet saw. I spent 50 years working on unguarded machines and especially dies and I always said my life long ambition was to go to the grave with all ten. I can say without a doubt that at 72 the heart is willing but the flesh is week. It is getting easier to, as we used to say in the trade, go on Auto Piolet and end up with a mess.

Anyway, to save having to answer a lot of question individually, no I am not grinding planes anymore. Just joking, so if you feel like you wish to donate to the cause please feel free to purchase. 

  Re: Sawstop by tablesawtom (As a lot of you know...)
Just donated to the cause! Looking forward to some sweet planes from Sir Tom!
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  Re: Sawstop by tablesawtom (As a lot of you know...)
Tom ground two of my planes years ago.  Took both to a weekend class; the instructor was blown away and asked for Tom's contact info.  Last Thursday I sharpened both irons and marveled one more time about how lucky I am.

Tom does a great job!!!!!!!
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  Re: Sawstop by tablesawtom (As a lot of you know...)
I wish I could help you Tom.
It is always the right time, to do the right thing.

Hi, I'm Arlin's proud wife! His brain trma & meds-give memory probs and has pain from injuries, but all is well materially & financially.  
  Re: Sawstop by tablesawtom (As a lot of you know...)
Not so long ago, job shops around here were going to auction weekly or monthly it seemed, and surface grinders were abundant and inexpensive.
Wish you could find one near you and keep going with your planes.
  Re: Sawstop by tablesawtom (As a lot of you know...)
The “just joking” is confusing me.
  Re: RE: Sawstop by mdhills (The “just joking” is...)
(04-23-2018, 04:03 PM)mdhills Wrote: The “just joking” is confusing me.

You are not alone in your confusion.

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