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(04-17-2018, 05:48 PM)HomerLee Wrote: I'm pretty sure some of the planes sold by Sears were made by Fulton.

Fulton was  made by Sargent....there never was a "Fulton" company.   

Sargent also put out a brand name called "Hercules"  with a green colour scheme.  

Stanley and Millers falls usually made the Dunlap brand planes.

Once Sears went with the "Craftsman"  brand name ( and "Companion) it all depended of which of the three won the contract that year.   I have a Craftsman ( complete with label on the handle) the is a dead ringer for a Millers Falls No.8    Other than the lever cap,  it is the same plane.

That gray body with red frog was also used on Millers falls 'V" line tools.   Millers Falls used a simple lever cap, with a decal, instead of the three piece lever cap.  Sometimes called the "Value Line" of tools.   They could also stamp about any hardware chain's Name/Logo on the rear handle.  Same colour scheme.

Sears used the red frog as part of their Brand.....Stanley Handyman planes also painted the chipbreaker red...but not the entire chipbreaker,  just the curved section.
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that

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