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(05-22-2018, 08:05 PM)bandit571 Wrote: Had to make a new handle for one hammer.. Uhoh 

But this was more for a Cobbler....

Hey Bandit,
    I found a cobbler-hammer head in my basement, just like that.  It was my great grandfather's, but I don't think he worked on shoes.  Anything else they're good at?  I'm tempted to put a handle on it, inspired by yours.

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They seem to work as adjusters for the wood bodied planes.....less damage when you smack the plane's heel.
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
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I'm in the camp that you don't need a purpose-built plane hammer.  Any old light hammer will do.  I have a vintage ball pein hammer that just feels right in the hand.  You can't manufacture the patina of an antique handle.  It's my favorite hammer alongside my (probably now vintage) True Value hammer I bought around 40 years ago.
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I built myself a little mallet out of hardwood, which works pretty well and doesn't damage the plane iron or stock. It was a fun little project.
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I have two plane hammers, and would not wish to be without them.

One is for woodies, one side brass and the other UHMW. Weighs 7oz ...

The other hammer is for metal planes (Stanley, LN, Veritas). It weighs about 2-3oz .(seen here with the hex driver used for the Veritas Custom Plane chipbreaker) ..

Regards from Perth

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(05-19-2018, 03:45 PM)Alan S Wrote: It can be hard to predict what will make a difference.  Many decades ago I bought a set of Cinelli handlebars for my bicycle because .....

Wow. Name from the past / jolt in spine......Thank you!
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I have rented a UHaul for the holiday plus, to clear the garage of my hobbies, dead projects, and useless trivia--sentimentality. Point being to have room to do something in the darn thing. It parked our cars the day we began moving into the house then started pushing us out immediately. The biggest mess is caused by one spouse who had a wall of bins and 75 percent of them empty. She is banished from the garage; she's not too happy. 

After going--still going--through my junk I think the nearest scrap of wood will be the best plane hammer for my purposes. No more stuff! That's my take on this topic.

Sooooo, what's the verdict, JSpill?
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There is always the Sterling Tool Works Plane hammer if you have money to burn......

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While there are many makers producing functional artwork marketed as tools, there is an incredible satisfaction to be found in making your own. Small mallets and hammers are among the easiest to make yourself with a minimal investment in material or tooling. Just a different angle.
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I designed my Plane Hammer to be useful as a plane adjusting hammer as well as useful small hammer around the shop. It is never far from the top of my bench. I gave a few of them away to guys in the business and they loved it so much, we convinced Rob Lee to make them and sell them under the Veritas name. I humbly submit the Wile Plane Hammer by Veritas for your consideration. And we priced it for those that do not have money to burn.
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