Finally a Good Day Rust Hunting
LOML and I were headed to the last sale on our list. Hadn't found much but then I spotted him. An old man, well, almost as old as me, putting up a garage sale sign. I don't usually chase after signs, but stick to advertised sales. But old men have old tools sometimes so I thought on the way back I would check his sale. Got there and he wasn't back yet and not a tool in sight. As is my usual practice I inquired of the lady if they had any old woodworking tools they might be interested in selling. She said they had a box of them but weren't planning to sell them. Anyway she showed me the tools and took my phone number in case they decided to sell them. We left and at the end of the street was the man putting up a sign. I stopped and talked to him and he was interested in selling. Went back to his house and this is what I got, with the box which LOML promptly claimed:


Bailey #8, type 5
Bailey #7 (looks like type 9)
Bailey #3
Sweetheart scrub plane
Millers Fall #85
Stanley #248
Geo. H. Bishop double sided saw
other stuff

I have found the most and best stuff by simply asking if people have any woodworking tools they might sell. And occasionally bystanders have overheard me ask and volunteered to sell me tools. Got three Stanley planes, including a Bedrock 607C that way. An added benefit is that you have the seller to yourself.
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You beat me for the week on hand tools.  Although I came up with a few things from Starrett this week.
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