Shed Project: Floor Framing
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Nice... Plank flooring... fancy stuff
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Come to think of it, we used Bq/m^3 not pCi/l.  100Bq/m^3 is 2.7pCi/l. So several hundred Bq/m^2 is a whole lot different that several hundred pCi/l.

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(06-24-2018, 02:42 AM)mike4244 Wrote: Keep it covered til the roof is on. If it gets wet the boards will  expand. When I was young and built houses ,plywood for the subfloors was not yet common. We hand nailed T&G 1 x 6 boards for decking. Every 8'-0" feet one board was left out for expansion if the deck got wet. When the house was dried in we usually had to rip the tongue off each board that was left out. If we did not leave boards out the deck would have expanded and it would bulge. 
I recall one time where a deck had to be cut thru the bulges and remove several boards. 


We're going to test that Mike because it's been raining on and off ever since I finished the floor.  I assume the T&G floor boards used to build a house are kiln dried.  I'm hoping my AD stuff won't re-expand much when it gets wet.  Guess we'll know in a couple of days or so.  The boards I used are straight edged, so it won't be hard to remove one or two if I see it starting to misbehave.  


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