Crazy Tool Prices
For the last few days I've been seeing ads on Facebook for a company called Outletfix.  They are selling kits from the major tool manufacturers at very low prices.  Add a .com after their name and see for yourself.  One example is a Milwaukee 15 tool 18V lithium-ion cordless tool kit for $138.84 delivered.  Being on Facebook makes me wonder if this is company is for real.  I'm curious if anyone here has ever heard of them or maybe even ordered from them?
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Sorry, don't know why this posted twice.
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The prices look crazy.  Some of the info on the FAQ is worded quite strangely

 all goods listed on our website have inventory. However, at times, some goods' inventory may be intense due to a big quantity demanded

I also found it odd that the contact page does not list any physical address or telephone number - if it sounds too good, it may be.
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Suspected scam
Elvem ipsum etiam vivere
No Evaporust was used on these tools.
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Ok, I bit. My son called me and told me about a similar site, same offer. Like a fool, I ordered the set. I then found out that they had other brands and was going to order a second set from a different manufacturer. I checked my bank account and I was charged $160, not the listed $137. I searched the net and found it was a scam. I immediately called the bank and once the transaction has cleared, I can file a fraud claim and get my money back. I'm covered. Interesting note, the bank rep told me that it was a recurring charge, not a one time payment.

Buyer beware.
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