What happened to Wenzolff and Sons?
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(7 hours ago)TraditionalToolworks Wrote: Is it possible to flush that Nordic rat out???

Alan - I think it's worth a try... Laugh

He surfaces for air once in a while.

Putzing, the new hobby

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(7 hours ago)Handplanesandmore Wrote: They did? What changes did it cause? I thought they changed the ownership only which is no longer Woodsmith.

It says "Powered By MyBB, © 2002-2018 MyBB Group." at the bottom of the site. Most forums these days are using either vBulletin or phpBB. I thought that WN used to use one of them. I honestly hadn't logged in here in a while, but if you go to search people it's just fubar, IMO. Can you search for someone? If I pick the letter of their last name I get a gazillion names in that alphabetic category, because they have like 10 billion registered woodworkers and it's impossible to get a hold of them if there's a problem and you don't have access to WN, that's my experience.

I'm not pointing the finger at anyone, whoever owns this site doesn't seem to have managed it very well as it was one of the top woodworking forums on the Internet and it is what it is now and they own it.

I don't even see Dominick around and he's the moderator. What if a guy like me decided to post in the hand tool forum? What if I spoke the way you didn't like? Or what if I used language that you didn't like? Cause I grew in California, and we don't normally give 2 f#@$s about what others think in some cases...that's the type of stuff that bothers people, but that people need to understand...this is the Internet...it is supposed to be neutral, agnostic to all...but people will say, "that's not the language we use in our church, and on our forums you need to use that type of language..." As soon as I posted a few messages a few different people implied they didn't like what I was saying about Bob Smalzer and how that was what was ruining forums. One has only posted 5 posts this year but says how much he enjoys WN. Well, people don't like searching through 5-10 year posts to find answers, people like to follow and talk about what they are doing now, today, and what they'll be doing tomorrow.

In the end people have the freedom of choice on whether they use the fora or not. Fora are just that, it's like a community. There are new communities as I mentioned, FB, IG, even Twitter...one thing I will give the nod to here at WN, I don't see too many ads...and I'm just fine with that...I hate ads, I hate TV, I hate FB, I hate Google...their power is at other people's expense. We search at Google and ads pop up on our screen...because Google has their claws into most everyone online...and TV too!

The problem here at WN is not any one thing, it's not just the software, it's not a specific post, it's not a specific person...well, at least I can say it is certainly not because of me since I hadn't posted here in over 10 years...it certainly is the people, it certainly is the times which do change, but there is not much happening here at the end of the day. If that is the type of forum you want to come to, by all means don't encourage people to post, nit pick about the words they use, or take your high road to Neverland...everyone has a choice. Wink

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(7 hours ago)TraditionalToolworks Wrote: Jack,

Was definitely Todd Hughes I was talking about, not sure about Steve, but he was right about Todd Hughes.

Care for a stroll back through memory lane? I'll post it anyway...even if you don't want a stroll...after all, this is the Internet...I still have a link in my smithy links and believe it or not, this link is still active, a testimony in itself...

Todd Hughes makes a hewing axe

But where is Leif? We need to get Leif to surface...after all, it WAS Leif that got people interested in making saws to begin with, it WAS Leif that showed people how to fold brass backs, it WAS Leif that was always helping everyone with anything saws, provided PPI charts to file against, and was a pioneer of handsaws.

Is it possible to flush that Nordic rat out???

Alan - I think it's worth a try... Laugh
Leif has been posting down in the basement as recently as this past weekend...

And Todd Cronkhite is the wood netter who introduced Todd Hughes to this forum. He is a longtime friend of Hughes, but no longer posts here on woodnet.

Edit...Lief is the first one on this forum to fold his backs for his saws..and one of the first {if not the very first} to make saws for sale..Cian has several of them IIRC.

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