Which backsaws should I have?
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You seem to like the Gramercy, I have large hands I know it is narrow but is the handle also short?

The handle is not short.  If anything it is the exact opposite, in that the handle feels longer than any other dovetail saw I've used (probably tried about 6-12 different ones over the years, though many were borrowing friend's, trade shows, etc.).

The Gramercy does really well in thin stock.  It is one of the only two dovetail saws I own (the other is an old Nurse saw that has such a heavy back that I think is the reason it has a closed handle on it.  That one is tricky on thin stock, but does well on thicker stuff).  The Gramercy does pretty well in thicker stock too, and I could probably get by with it alone, but the Nurse was a souvenir from a trip to London and I'm fond of it.

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Thanks for the replies and sorry for any thread hijacking. Big Grin

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