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(09-28-2018, 01:16 PM)Bope Wrote: Thank you for all the good suggestions. I have looked at the local guild and at their October meeting they are doing pen turning. My daughter and I are planning to attend. I was thinking about a 12" Craftsman that I found on Craigslist. It has been there for a bout a week so it might not be available anymore. I noticed it is probably what you call a tube bed. It is a head stock with a single tube attached. The tail stock and tool rest attach to this tube. Are the Turncrafters from Penn State or the Grizzlys any good? They look very similar to the HF models.

I'll second the recommendation to avoid the single-tube lathes like that Craftsman.

The old Shopsmith ER-10 machines made good lathes but people seem to want to much for them as antiques rather users. It can also be hard to find all of the lathe components. They are 2-tube convertible machines and the lathe function was often regarded as their best feature. I have one that was given to me that is in my restoration queue, but I do not recommend them as a first lathe.

I have heard good and bad things about the Turncrafter lathes. My take on them is that PSI has cycles where they do a better job of demanding quality and QA from their source and other times they are more interested in the price point. IIRC. Arlin was quite happy with one that he had for a while. Also, I think that there might have been a 1/3HP version specifically for pen turning that I do not think anyone was really happy with: too easy to stall the machine.

FWIW, that first mini-lathe of ours is a Jet 1014 multi-speed that I got off of Craigslist from someone going through a divorce (and his parents' garage did not have room for 2 lathes). I got the bed extension, stand, and stand extension through the WN SnS. I got lucky on the timing for the 2 buys on my journey into the vortex. My last trip to FL, that mini-lathe joined my sister & BIL in St Pete. Next trip, I will take the grinder with a Wolverine setup and on a floor stand. It is the grinder that my BIL and I learned to sharpen on. My new 1HP Rikon grinder with Woodturning Wonder CBN wheels was delivered yesterday. I will need to do the Wolverine setup and decide on a stand once the older one goes to FL.
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I have the 12X18 grizzly and have worked it hard. No complaints. The largest I have turned on it  is  10 inch and it handled it nicely.  I really like the variable speed on it. I  looked at the 14X 20 but I really don't need it. 

I bought a GO838 but harvest is in full swing so I have not had much opportunity to really  try it out. What little chance I have had to use it has been really sweet. I like what I have done on it. I posted the question of how often do you turn large stuff on another forum. The answers were varied. At 16 inch large I can't see the need to go bigger but with the extension you can go to 28 inch. Can't see me doing stuff that large not to mention wood like that does not come along everyday. 2 HP on my other big lathe and I have never stalled it so I'm happy with the 2HP on the 838. Price wise Grizzly is good when you compare features.

I'm happy with my Grizzly lathes. Now the naysayers can have at me.
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My kids loved putting in my shop w me. I was blessed w delta 46-460, 3520B, and a Jet bariable speed midi,? I recommend you buy he best you can find/afford. If the hobby doesn't work out, it will be quick and easy to sell.

It will also give you room to grow. Soon enough you will want to experiment w bowls and stuff.

Although it's more expensive to start, get carbide turning tools.

I often see great used deals on Facebook. Search term I use is lathe....

Good Luck. It's awesome to have a daughter interested in the hobby... Take a look at laser cut pens... I like Kalashnan woods. Awesome pen kits
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(09-28-2018, 12:31 PM)badwhiskey Wrote: One thing I'd avoid are the tube bed lathes.  The warp something fierce when you try and use them, at least in my experience.

Good luck.

Depends on the tube. My 2-1/2" tube has never warped.

Maybe you are referring to some junker 1" tubes or something?

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