Camber or straight?
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(10-11-2018, 12:02 AM)adamcherubini Wrote: One more than thing. I’ve glued up many edge joints prepared with my try plane. If the edge has a tiny hollow, that’s okay.

If you want to use your try plane for edge joints with PVA, that’s ok. But use a bunch of clamps and tighten them down pretty hard.

Again, I hope this helps

Not sure if you're talking about a spring joint by your term of a hollow edge. Or, you are referring to a hollow left by the camber blade across the edge. If the former, a spring joint reduces the no. of clamps needed for the edge glue-up.

  Re: Camber or straight? by Elijah A. (I have no 7 jointer ...)
Straight enough so that the lightest shaving you intend to take with the plane will still be 3/4's (++) the width of the iron on a board that's pretty flat.  No bench plane should ever really be cutting with just its nose, a shaving only a half inch wide or less, unless you are just starting to surface a board and it's still very rough.

For a jointer plane iron, this implies a curvature that is almost imperceptible to the eye, you have to hold it up to a straight edge to "see" the curvature.

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