Secret Santa wish list thread
Can someone sticky this?

This is always awkward -- we all hate to ask for gifts. But it is very helpful to your Santa to post a few items you might be wanting. Especially if you don't post much, and haven't left a trail of clues!

I'll start. First, I have had severe allergic reactions to certain woods. So if my Santa wants to send any wood, or gifts made from unfinished wood (especially exotics), please check with the Head Elf, who will relay the info to me to evaluate. Sorry to have to start that way, but it is a serious medical condition. That out of the way, honestly, every SS gift I have received has brought a big smile to my face. But for specific things, homemade tools, or tool storage, are always treasured. I realize that's not everyone's bag though. I would be delighted to have a Japanese chisel hammer. A side float. An edge float. Card scrapers, especially curved (and very especially, gooseneck). I have an unhealthy fascination with marking knives. What I'd really, really like is a donation to Arlin's causes.

The rest of you who signed up, please post here. Give some clues.
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Any self made tool or device would be greatly appreciated!  I do not have a wishlist on any commercial website. In fact I rather enjoy resurrecting old tools and am generally too cheap to buy anything new.  I figure if they worked well for the last 100 years, then bringing it back to working condition is good enough for me.

I like reading, particularly techniques of woodworking and how to rehab hand tools (based on the list below maybe I should get off the dime and actually do some woodworking).  
A decent #6 plane iron with breaker would be great, I have a #6 without a blade. A small combination square or engineers square to check mortise walls would be handy dandy.  I do a lot of rust cleanup from auction buys and don't own a dustmask.

I just checked out my library and it is more extensive than I thought.  So to avoid duplications here is what I already own.
Tage Fried teaches woodworking (3 vols)
Essential Hand Tools by Sellers
Make as Perfectly as Possible lost art press
Unplugged Workshop
Workbenches from design theory/Construction/use
The furniture bible
Furniture making plain and simple
Country furniture
Woodworkers complete shop reference
New Traditional woodworker
Cabinet Making by Demming
By Hand& Eye
Hand tools Their ways andworkings
Anarchist's Tool Chest
Essential Woodworking
The Joiner and Cabinet Maker
Audels Carpenters & Builders Guide (4 vols)
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I hope I'm not too hard to shop for.  Here are some hints, though, for anybody who might like a nudge in the right direction:

I do like old tools.  I'm pretty set on handplanes and boring tools, but I really like vintage chisels, even/especially ones that need some restoration.

I'm a sucker for marking gauges, both old and new.  (I don't yet have a good wheel-style marking gauge, but I really want one!)  

I love handsaws of all kinds and sizes, and I like restoring old ones.  The Disston 7 is my favorite, but as long as the blade is straight, I'm happy.

Rasps and files in all sizes/configurations are always welcome.

I can never have too many layout tools, either: squares, dividers, compasses, knives... you name it. 

I've also had my eye one some nice hook knives/blades for Sloyd style carving.  (Pinewood Forge makes a really nice hook knife blade, I'm told.)  

And, if somebody really wants to go all-out, I also have a wish list on Lee Valley, where a right-handed skew rabbet plane has been patiently waiting for several years.

Finally, there's always wood.  I don't get many exotics down here, and I'm always up for experimenting with working new/different species.  I'm allergic to ebony and blackwood, unfortunately.

Edit to add: I love books!!! Here are just a few titles I've had my eye on of late: By Hand and By Eye (Lost Art Press), Chairmaker's Notebook (Lost Art Press), Volume IV of The Woodworker (Lost Art Press), Slojd in Wood (Lost Art Press), Spoon (by Barn the Spoon), and Sweedish Carving Techniques (Fine Woodworking).
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I, too, have never been disappointed with my SS gift.  As for suggestions from me for my SS....I love vintage....anything.  I've gotten about all the chair making tools I can use and am so very proud to have them!  I've, this year, been trying to carve dough bowls from just about everything I need but have not been able to find a large 2" or 2 1/2" curve gouge which can make or break the process.  I've tried all the 'known' woodworking stores and hoping to get a line on resources but haven't yet.  Also, like Bibliophile, I'm addicted to old saws...I've got a lot of em but never turn down a chance to restore a good one....   ANYTHING brings the spirit of Christmas and is appreciated....I love GIVING good gifts about as much as getting them.  Whoever my SS is...just have fun and DON'T can't go wrong!

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As the other guys have said, anything my SS sends will be greatly appreciated! Yes I've never been disappointed when the package arrives...

That being said, the first thing I'd like to put out there is a donation to Arlin's cause, the Special Olympics, or your local animal shelter or food bank. I honestly don't need anything. I have, however, started playing with veneers a bit, and I can always find a use for figured/burl/curly-type woods. Come to think of it, I have also been looking for a decent saw vise, if you happen to come across one... If you're still struggling, I've got a wish list at LV under - you guessed it - Big Dave.

Thanks in advance to whoever you are! Winkgrin 
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I look forward to WoodNet Secret Santa every year. I think this is the sixth one I've participated in. It's just like Christmas morning, but for big kids. I like "hearing" the excitement as folks describe their gifts and share photos.

Maybe this will help out whomever got stuck with my name --

** While I like planes, chisels, and other woodworking hand tools, I truly love hand saws. I like how they look. I like how they zip through wood. I like how they make little noise so I can work in the shop early in the morning. I'd be giddy if there were a vintage hand saw or back saw under the wrapping paper.

** I like files almost as much as hand saws. My most-used files are taper files for sharpening saws, of course, but I also use flat mill files and half round person files in 6" to 10" sizes. Rasps are almost as much fun as files. I use small ones for coarse shaping of saw and plane handles.

** There is one type of plane that brings me to the point of salivation and that is the Union "X" plane. Right now, I have an X4, X5, X6, X8, and a partial X3. There are a few more needed to fill in the range.

** Some choice pieces of wood would be appreciated as well. Anything with color or figure that could be used to make saw handles would be perfect. The ideal size is 5/4 x 8 x 6, with the grain running with the long dimension.

** Oh, and I greatly enjoy reading material. Early FWW magazines are full of interesting articles by the original masters like Tage Frid and George Frank, especially the old black and white issues from before 1980. Old woodworking tool catalogs or reprints are often useful for identifying tools or missing components.

Hee hee hee, I feel a wave of excitement coming on. It is going to be hard to wait almost seven weeks until Christmas morning. Paper will fly!
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The day job has heaped a bunch more "other duties as assigned".  Couple that with taking some time to get myself into better shape (round wasn't working too well for me Laugh ), I have not been able to post much around here, but I do look forward to the Secret Santa every year!  One of the best things going!!!

That said, I will be happy with anything!  Really!

A donation to the annual WoodNet fund raiser is always in style!  

Things I could use around the shop: an awl (I keep giving the ones I make away) and a jointer's mallet leap to mind...

Anything Woodnetter built is out of this world!

Wood is an excellent choice!

Then there is always the wish list over at LV  


Here's hoping everyone has a most excellent Christmas!

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I was just wondering Who DID NOT have a LV wish list.  Laugh Laugh
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