Secret Santa wish list thread
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I think my SS recipient will be happy for a minute.  Just got it in the mail.
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FYI, whoever has me, I'm sorry that I am probably hard to stalk this year. I just haven't had the time for Woodnet posts that I used to have. Nor have I made any projects to post in some time.

I have a pretty good stable of planes, chisels, and saws. I enjoy a little tool-making (I've built some saw kits, veneer hammers, awl kits, knife kits, etc), so useful tool wood is always welcome, or parts that can be used in projects of any kind. I enjoy some turning as well, but again, I just don't have much time of late. I expect more time when kids start leaving for college in the next couple of years.

I've never received a Woodnet gift that wasn't welcome. I've received used tools from my Santa's shop, blanks of turning wood, and even brand new tools in this exchange. They were all great! I really welcome any gift of any size/value in the exchange.
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Sorry if I haven't posted any clues here for my SS. Honestly, I don't *need* anything right now and I am happy with whatever I get. Part of the fun for me is the surprise of not knowing what's in the box. I've never been disappointed with a SS gift, and have gotten really lucky in the past getting something I didn't *think* I needed until I got it. So with that being said, I will probably build a windsor chair at some point and am keeping my eye out for a tapered reamer or really anything related to chairmaking. Otherwise, I really am happy with anything*. Feel free to surprise me- I love any tool, new, old, whatever. Anything I get will be appreciated and I will do my best to put it to good use.

*Just don't get me a brace drill. I went crazy for a while buying these and I have a lifetime supply of braces. In fact, anyone who visits my shop and shows ANY interest in braces has to take one home with them- shop rules.
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I keep peeking at this thread to see if my secret santa posts their wish list but then I realize I'm not doing my secret santa any favors by not posting mine.  I really do like every single gift I've received each year from my secret santa.  I'm getting more into hand tool woodworking now so anything hand tool-related gets put to use!  I don't have a Lee Valley wish list but I plan on getting a twin vise screw in the near future so if you can't think of anything else, a gift card there would be fine.
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A Secret Santa package arrived today. I can hardly wait!

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