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(11-09-2018, 11:10 AM)Derek Cohen Wrote: Steve Knight made excellent planes for the price. I have one. But he had the worlds worst business model. He was chronically low on funds, and would offer his planes at a big discount .... and then everyone on this forum would order a couple ... which would leave him overwhelmed and unable to make anything other than discounted planes. By the time he was up to date, he needed cash, and the cycle would begin again. He could not go on like this, and eventually started a CNC business.

If I was in the market for a woodie, I'd either get one from Steve Voigt or HNT Gordon. Steve makes the best double ironed wooden planes, while Terry Gordon makes the best high angled planes.

Regards from Perth


Hello Derek;

I was one of those caught on Steve's downcycle.... after a number of email exchanges with him, I gave up and eventually sold my plane to a member here. Once he bought that CNC machine, he lost all interest in us....

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I apologize, Hank. I saw the last name and the hamster in my head got all off track....
I am quickly realizing that I have NO natural talent... But I am trying to fake it.

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