fuel powered nailers
bought a nice hitachi brad nailer about a year ago not realizing the replaceable fuel cells on all of these type nailers apparently leak over time. I use the gun once every few months and have come to find out that what I thought was a full fuel cell was now empty. Is there any "fix" for this? Will removing the fuel cell after each use save the cell from leaking? I'm thinking i'm going to have to purchase a battery powered nailer that doesn't use a  fuel cell. I have looked at these and they are very heavy and bulky by comparison.
Thanks.  John
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I use a Paslode at work fro time to time. We have never had a fuel leak issue. My first thought is to do as you suggest and remove the fuel cell between use. Other than that, no clue. 

Good luck and please report back on any success or not.
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John,  I have a couple of Paslodes and have not had any leaking, but the fuel does go bad after a while -  I think there is a date code on the fuel cells.  I agree, best to keep outside the gun anyway.

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