Go ahead...try this at home......
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  Re: Go ahead...try this at home...... by Timberwolf (http://www.homemadet...)
(11-10-2018, 09:19 PM)Timberwolf Wrote: http://www.homemadetools.net/forum/how-m...post119037

Incredible! The skill and patience involved. Whoever invented this technique was a very persistent person.
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  Re: Go ahead...try this at home...... by Timberwolf (http://www.homemadet...)
If I tried this the first thing I would need to learn is how to weave fingers back onto my hands.

I have always wanted to build my own Chinese Dragon Kite in the traditional manner. Watching this guy splitting the cane makes it look so easy. But my fingers don't have the required dexterity. I have trouble putting flies on a leader, let alone tying them.
  Re: Go ahead...try this at home...... by Timberwolf (http://www.homemadet...)
The sure have gotten the most use out of bamboo. Interesting culture.
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