FYI - Hartville tools WoodNet discount
I made an order from Hartville tools and put "WoodNet discount" in the comments section. I just received the following note from them:

1) Hartville Tool offers WoodNet Forum members ( a discount of 15% off of regularly priced items.
2) Festool products, Gift Certificates, and Sale and Clearance items are excluded from the Discount.
3) The WoodNet Discount cannot be used in combination with any other discounts, sale, or clearance pricing.
4) Offer not valid on orders place via 3rd party web sites (ex. Amazon or E-Bay). Orders must be placed directly with Hartville Tool.
5) Orders may be placed with us Online, or by Phone, Fax, or Mail.
6) If ordering Online, use Promo Code: wn15 on the Shopping Cart page to receive the discount when you check out, and also mention your WoodNet Forum name in the Comments/Notes section at the bottom of the Shipping/Billing Address page.
7) If ordering by Phone, Fax or Mail, please mention the same information as in #6 above to receive the discount.

They gave me the discount, but wanted to pass this along. Seems like someone was asking about this recently.
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