Lie Nielsen Planes - 4 1/2, 5 1/2, 7
Hey guys, I need to sell these LN planes.  They are in terrific shape.  Used, but very well kept.  Factory bevel still there, freshly honed micro bevel ready to work. Always coated in Camellia oil.  Some scuffing on sole and tarnish from use.  They look exactly how a brand new plane would look in your shop after a couple months use.  All come with Original Box.  All prices include Shipping to US.

Pickup North of Dallas, TX would be fine.  Thanks.

LN #7 Jointer Plane - $380 Shipped
[Image: 00M0M_9CtLaksZVs1_1200x900.jpg]

LN # 5 1/2 - $335 Shipped

[Image: 00h0h_barBrOyZWe0_1200x900.jpg]

LN #4 1/2 - Comes with Standard 45* frog and extra 50* Frog- $340 Shipped 

[Image: 00O0O_7mSwJR6f4QC_1200x900.jpg]
  Re: Lie Nielsen Planes - 4 1/2, 5 1/2, 7 by Strokes77 (Hey guys, I need to ...)
LN planes are all sold.


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