another table?
Yep....Grandson says he wants a Coffee Table for his Christmas..of course...

Road Trip....picked a bit of Ash...
A few 1 x 6s, and a 2 x 4...long one is 10'...2x4 is 8'..
and a pair of 6'   1 x 6s
Somehow managed to haul that long 1 x 6 to the shop.....crosscuts to get near 40"...
By the time I trimmed things to square at both ends...these were down to 36-3/8" long....looking like it will be about 16" wide...
need to get these ready for glue these will be the top of the Coffee table...
Might as well get the big guys out...
Used both the Stanley No. 8..and..
The Stanley No. get all the edges looking like this...
Got all the mating edges done...time for glue, clamps and cauls..
Not sure IF this is the "Show" side, or..
This one....let this sit overnight...tomorrow I can haul that 2 x 4 to the shop...need 4 leg blanks 17" long....then taper those on two faces..

Have plans for the remainder of that 2 x jaws for the the old ones are just plain worn out...Ash might be better than the Pine in use, now....
Stay tuned...also have a drawer to make....
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
  Re: another table? by bandit571 (Yep....Grandson says...)
Wow! Right into a new project. Did you have enough time to clean?  Smirk
  Re: another table? by bandit571 (Yep....Grandson says...)
Couple of days.. Winkgrin 

Was busy today...lots of time in the shop...clamps came off the top..
Left the cauls in place, for now...Hauled the 2 x 4 x8' to the shop....cut two blanks..
About 17" or so...set the rip fence
Now have the blanks for the table legs....bandsaw to rough cut the two tapered sides..
Junior Jack plane to smooth things out.. Cool 
Set those over on the table's top...and figured out some measurements ( even wrote them down on paper Rolleyes
Needed to find out how long the aprons needed to be....
Hauled the better looking of the two 1 x 6 x 6' to the two longs and a short apron...needed one of the scraps from upstairs, for the second short apron...ripped all down to 4"..

Table needs a drawer?   Ok, took the better looking long apron made two rip cuts.. Winkgrin 
Then two crosscuts..
And save the middle piece for the drawer front....and glue the rest back together..
And set it aside, for now.   I also milled two bread board ends..from what was ripped from the apron stock...
Stay tuned..more coming right up.. Cool
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
  Re: another table? by bandit571 (Yep....Grandson says...)
Bread board ends..
Will use a sliding dovetail to add these to the ends of the table top...
While waiting on the glue to set up on that long apron...worked on the other three.. Rolleyes 
Laid out the tenons.  These shorter aprons, I could make the shoulder cuts on the Langdon 75...the long apron was too long, had to use the tablesaw.. Rolleyes 
Chisel and a backsaw for the cheek cuts...
Laid out  the corners, and clipped them at the bandsaw... Rolleyes 
4th apron was dry enough..I could use it to set up the rip fence...had to remove the thickness of the blade on each the all match for width.

Have also made the sliding dovetails for the bread board ends, and installed those.. Mortise jig is adjusted and set up to mortise the legs...Stanley 45 is still set up to do bead work.... Winkgrin 

Stay tuned...might just get something done...tomorrow Confused
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
  Re: another table? by bandit571 (Yep....Grandson says...)

Putzing, the new hobby

Evil lurks here, but eventually gets cleansed.

  Re: another table? by bandit571 (Yep....Grandson says...)
Bandits' tools never have a chance to cool off or rust.

Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin

Cool Cool Cool
Mark Singleton

Bene vivendo est optimum vindictae
  Re: another table? by bandit571 (Yep....Grandson says...)
Used those tenons to layout the mortises.. Cool
A few chisels to chop the mortise
Dry fits as I went...until all 8 mortises were done and fitted.. Cool 
Cleaned the bench off, got the Stanley 45 ready..
To do some bead work...short aprons and the long aprons got a single bead  along the bottom edge..
when each came out of the jigs, they got a good sanding to 180 grit...and stacked back where the dry fit was the order they came out of the dry fit...

Legs got a double bead, down the outside corner....took two setups, and two cuts per leg..stacked them where they are to go..
Makes things easier when the glue gets done Cool   Set up the "cordless Mitersaw"  to cut a few corner blocks , just a 45 degree cut or two.. Rolleyes  
Then a few pilot holes. and the countersinks...
So....after a few errands for the Boss, today...finally was able to spread a bit of glue... Rolleyes  
Add a forest of clamps.   A framing square to help square things up...a straight edge with it...a   caul to give the diagonal clamp something to grip..pull until square...then tighten the corner blocks to keep it there...
Glue and screws.  Let this sit until Tuesday, or so Rolleyes   Might start on either the drawer build, or the drawer runners/guides...may add a kicker, too Confused 

All caught up...stay is about to begin..
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
  Re: another table? by bandit571 (Yep....Grandson says...)
The fun already started from my perspective.  It's looking great.
  Re: another table? by bandit571 (Yep....Grandson says...)
I suppose I should update...Tuesday was a very busy day in the shop....5 hours worth.   Had to haul the last 1 x 6 x 6' plank to the shop...needed to crosscut and rip it, to get the parts needed... Cool  Drawer runners, a kicker, drawer sides, and the drawer back....drawer guides also....clamps came off the glue up...nothing creaked, nor cracked...guess that was a good sign Rolleyes Confused Winkgrin   Set the base where I could work on a few things...
Guides.   Kicker, the two runners.   I cheated a bit, as these connect  to the aprons with a dovetail....the tails were easy to cut,,,sockets were done with the router... Uhoh
Tends to happen...when I do tails first Rolleyes   Then worked on the guide/runners...same issues with tails first...was hard to see the marks through the router light didn't No
Runners glued in place....guides next..
Flush with the side of the drawer opening..needed a way to make sure they were in-line all the way to the back.. Cool
Bottom clamp to hold the front end in place, squared up, add the upper clamp..both guides were glued part was adding a pair of screws from the other side.
Hmmm...needed to clean this mess up a bit, rest set the Stanley 45, from doing bead work back to doing plough work..took 5 minutes Winkgrin
Need the room for the next part of the day's time..
Turn these four parts into a drawer...have it test fitted, and ready for a bottom panel...Will do the grooves later on today...

The drawer itself will be the next episode...stay tuned... Winkgrin
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
  Re: another table? by bandit571 (Yep....Grandson says...)
OK, drawer front and sides get finger jointed..been a while...might  be a little out of practice Rolleyes 

Used the chisel that will do the chopping, to lay out the fingers...square the lines down and around...backsaw to split ( or, at least try) the lines
Yep, vise has a new jaw, old one was getting bad...will replace the rest of the wood in the vise, after this project is done....clamped the part to the bench
Chop half way down, flip over, complete the chops.  Use it to lay out the matching fingers...repeat the saw and chisel stuff...test fit as each set gets done
Front corners done..which leaves the back corners...
Back was cut roughly to final length...fine tune when the rebates are milled....used to be, this would involve the mitersaw and bandsaw...blade broke on the bandsaw No 
Mitersaw to cut the shoulders..
Cordless Langdon 75. Winkgrin ..elbow is getting a workout.....Cheek cuts?
Clamp the part up in the vise, mark a line to saw to...wax up the backsaw.. Cool
Then repeat for the other rebate...dry fitted things together IN the table...back needed a hair trimmed off...Mitersaw, again.  try the fit, again
Hey, I said I was a bit out of practice...maybe this afternoon-ish, I can groove the parts, cut the plywood bottom to size...and get this drawer glued up
Then that top gets worked on...stay tuned Winkgrin
NOW the back fits Cool   This is looking towards the back...kicker is blocking a bit of the view..a view from the front? Confused

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