Mounting tools on dutch tool chest lid
I've been working on fitting all of the tools into the dutch tool chest I built, and was hoping various folks could post some pictures of what they have done in regards to tools on the lid.  I've been debating between trying to figure out how to mount a fret saw, flushcut saw, dividers, combo squares, bevel gauges, and who knows what else.  All I know is I will not be mounting backsaws or panel saws.  Going from upright to slightly inverted is making things a bit tricky. 

One other thing I've thought of is using magnets to help out.  Any opinions on the pros/cons of this?  I'd be leery of using magnets on something that I would eventually need to sharpen (chisels, blades, etc.), but I'm not thinking there would be any issues with something like dividers or bevel gauges.  Am I missing anything?



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