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  Re: Drying Rack by KLaz (After getting fed up...)
(01-30-2019, 12:55 PM)KLaz Wrote: After getting fed up with taking up every horizontal surface in my shop when finishing, I finally broke down and built a couple drying racks.

I have a lot of 6/4 poplar left over from a project several years and used it for the racks, but could have easily used 2x's from the local box stores.

I made different lengths of stretchers so I can widen the rack as needed.  10" stretchers are installed in this pic.  Four 3/8" bolts hold it together with threaded inserts installed in the ends of the stretchers along with 3/8 dowels glued into each stretcher to keep it from twisting.

7/16" dowels are used for the racks.  I drilled 29/64" holes on a 3* angle into the uprights.  Dowels are cut to 16" long.  I can insert the dowels as needed for the amount of parts to be dried.

Casters from Menards make it easy to push it around the shop and out of the way while parts dry.

Knocks down and assemble in just a minute and takes no space hardly to store.

I'm pretty happy with it AND my table saw and benches are no longer use for drying  Big Grin
Nice rack and thank you for sharing it. It looks like it helps out in a small shop.


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