I built a crate
  Re: I built a crate by JohnnyEgo (This is not terribly...)
The Derby was always fun. Remember my Dad thought there was a design award so he kinda kidnapped my car--looked just like one of those short track racers, or what was popular at the Indie 500 in the fifties. A few years later I helped my younger brother with his winning vehicle. It never went to the next step due to Sunday racing, something not allowed in our family.

I helped my son with his, only to the extent of doing complicated and dangerous cuts to match his paper and pencil designs. By then track designs and tricks were developing. No fancy electronics like shown here. 

Now there are detailed tips and tricks for sale with specialty parts beyond the basic pine block, plus this shown track. Sort of pushes it all into an adult game with children incidental to the program.....
  Re: I built a crate by JohnnyEgo (This is not terribly...)
Nice work. We have packaging specialists here at work, and they'd give you kudos.

You may want to reposition the two handles onto the long sides, then add two more to the long sides. If it's truly a 4-man lift, then two men per side would work out better, and distribute the load onto the crate better as well.
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