Pistol Stands
  Re: Pistol Stands by JohnnyEgo (I bought a Hammer A3...)
Nicely done. 

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  Re: Pistol Stands by JohnnyEgo (I bought a Hammer A3...)
Okay, that's way cool. Cool

I need to make some of these.
  Re: Pistol Stands by JohnnyEgo (I bought a Hammer A3...)
BrentDH Wrote:What is the purpose of the notch in the vertical support about an inch from the top?

On this type of handgun, the magazine is held in place by a spring loaded bar that rests in that notch. Without the notch, that spring would be held in compression, which is not great for it for an extended length of time. There is a notch on the opposite side to accommodate the slide release lever for similar reasons. And added benefit is that it locks the gun to the stand until you push the magazine release button.

Thanks for the compliments, everyone! A former member of this site once made the very valid criticism that I rarely posted any of my actual woodwork on the site. It was mostly because I wished I was better at it than I am, but I am very pleased with how these turned out.
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