Need help chasing a circuit-Fixed
The cleaning lady was vacuuming today and her vacuum shut down and the wire was very warm, the outlet she was plugged into doesn't work now, as well as overhead lights in the dining room and kitchen and upstairs hallway. I checked the electrical panel for thrown breakers but none were tripped, I also checked every CFI outlet and they also weren't tripped. I don't know how to proceed short of calling an electrician, any help would be welcomed.

Fixed, it was a bad ckt breaker, it's a tandem breaker and one side was bad, I think the vacuum cleaner shorted out and fried the breaker,$10 and no service call, thanks for the help.
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Recheck the breakers- sometimes they don't look tripped.
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(02-15-2019, 12:01 PM)daddo Wrote: Recheck the breakers- sometimes they don't look tripped.

What he said.  I don't know how many times I've instructed DW's sister over the phone to cycle the breakers ("They're not tripped!") only to find one actually was tripped.  Doesn't matter that I traced and labeled each and every breaker, either.  Or that she keeps tripping the same ones, mostly due to poor workmanship on the part of the alleged sparky who did her kitchen remodel wiring (over the range microwave on one of the small appliance branch circuits, 14 gauge wiring on one of those 20A circuits, not enough receptacles at the counters, none on the new island - the list is very long Rolleyes ).

A warm cord on a vacuum cleaner is pretty typical, by the way.  So is a warm or even hot plug.

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