Add filter to mini split?
I’m going to heat and cool my new 1800sq ft shop with 14 foot sidewalls and spray foam insulation.

I’m on the fence between a DIY mini split and a ducted standard unit, but I’m leaning toward mini split due to cost and self installation.

I’d like to add some air filter capability to it and know that I shouldn’t restrict air flow.

I’m mulling several options over.

1: is a box with a hvac squirrel cage fan pulling air through filters blowing air out the other side, so essentially adding a quasi duct system to it.

2: use the same squirrel cage fan to blow filtered air at the front of indoor split unit, this would allow it to run without restrictions when the extra air flow isn’t running such as low dust times.

3: just vacuum out the split unit filter

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I think the air has to go through the filter before entering the fan housing.  Otherwise you will draw dust into the motor, bearings, etc.  

I made a filter for my old darkroom forcing air into the darkroom.  I built a box to house a 20" square box fan (about $20.00) and I put a cheap furnace filter in front of a high end 3M micron filter.  The furnace filter improved the life of the micron filter.  You can get the cheap filters for about $4.00 each. The micron filters are $20.00 and up depending upon the specs.  

Blowing into the darkroom meant I created a positive atmosphere forcing any dust and fumes out of the darkroom.  An exhaust fan would have removed the fumes but would also have sucked in dust from around the door.
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1800 sq feet sounds like a lot of space for a mini split. A load calculation may show that you can get the tonnage you need in a mini split but I am not sure you can get the airflow to move the conditioned air to where you want it. If it does I would just leave the mini split alone and vacuum the filters on a regular basis and while you have the cover open and the filters out, vacuum the evaporator coil while you are at it.
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You would have to build a tight fit housing for a prefilter with a good filter.

I would suggest using a different way to cool- mini split indoor coils are hard to clean and sometimes need to be removed for a successful cleaning and that is costly.
A window style air conditioner would be easier to deal with cleaning as it could be removed easily. A central unit is a good way to go- better 4" filter options & filtration capabilities and better warranty.
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  Re: Add filter to mini split? by JDuke (I’m going to heat an...)
Package unit with big pocket filter assm on the return.

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