Kitchen remodel-- Birch cabinets?
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(04-15-2019, 07:52 AM)JSpill Wrote: Oh man, I can't get anything right. I made a mistake when I wrote "birch" cabinets. Cecil rightfully pointed out that the cabinets from RD Henry are Beech not Birch. Thank you Cecil for checking that out. The question still remains for me. What do you think of "beech" cabinets?
Its a matter of personal preference.  Yeah it looks good but its kind of a bland grained wood IMO. 

Look at some samples.  Try Pinterest.
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For a painted finish birch or maple are first rate.  

Both will blotch if you stain it, so be aware.  

Pre-finished panels are available and it is a good finish and painting the interiors of cabinets is a hassle.  So I pop for the approximately $20.00 extra per sheet for the finished panels.  Columbia Products makes good ones.
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I built our last kitchen with maple framework and birch ply carcasses and shelves. No stain, just a clear finish. The birch yellows at about the same rate as the maple. Most folks wouldn't know they were two different woods if I didn't tell them. The only thing the birch lacks is an interesting grain. IMHO, birch works a lot like cherry.

Birch ply, maple doors. No stain.

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