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I open the trigger and set my reg at 30 on poly. Lacquer, I have to set it back to about 20


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(06-16-2019, 05:48 PM)DaveBozeman Wrote: For the water based finishes... just because of the easier cleanup.. what pressure should i try to spray at?
It's a low cost (cheap) Harbor Fright HVLP gun.. it has it's own regulator on it as well

I tried spraying around 40psi on the gun regulator, when the trigger is depressed, the gauge goes to about 20.. this seems to be working ok..  just double checking  to see if i'm way off base.. lol

If you are talking about the HF purple gun with a 1.4 mm N/N, it sprays Sealcoat shellac beautifully at about 20 psi at the gun.  When I say 20 psi I mean with the trigger pressed half way, which will allow air to pass but not finish.  With most WB finishes I don't use that gun as the N/N is too small without thinning.  You need something around 1.8 mm in a gravity feed gun to spray most WB's w/o thinning, or minimal thinning.  With a 1.8 mm N/N  I set the pressure at about 30 psi. How do you really know what's best?  By shooting test bursts against a sheet of Kraft paper.  Do a search and you'll see what I'm talking about.  


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