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(07-21-2019, 08:51 AM)Timberwolf Wrote: ..I hate rust!!!!!!!!!! Upset

I agree. But it is so visual to blame the infection on Ronald McDonald. And, then grab the Scotch Brite and Fluid Film. Thank G88d it was only one of four new squares.

Regarding tool quality, even my PEC on the deck during a project involving Sharpies is too-over-top. I can see going to Starret if the thing will be used in machining too. Maybe, the adjustable combo instead. Reserve the fixed gauges for machine work.

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(07-20-2019, 08:37 PM)Admiral Wrote: Try some Autosol or a similar metal polish.  Works wonders.

Some 2000 grit Sc paper, judiciously used, cleaned it up nicely. A dose of Ballistol should keep it this way (I do have a tube of Autosol, but hadn't thought of it!).

Now, the interesting thing, after I cleaned my new Starrett, I decided to dig out one of my flea market finds for general use. Turns out, the other 6" Starrett I have, is a forged stock one. I was not aware a 6" square was made like that. More than a few differences in the desihpgn of the stock, and is marked Starrett on the ground edge of the stock.
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Just one more thought on cleaning rulers and double or combo square blades. Don’t!

I think the plain steel models were designed to tarnish. They naturally develop a gray gunmetal patina that eliminates the glare and reflection that makes reading the scales difficult. SiC has a consistent grit size that will produce a shiny surface. You don’t want that. An Arkansas slip will do a better job, leaving behind a dull gray finish.

Every machinist has a story about a guy whose hands rust everything they touch. I’m sure it’s a sweat gland, skin moisture, and pH thing.
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The blemished PEC machinist squares from Harry J Epstein are the low cost option in my opinion. The igauging stuff is inferior. That said, the lock down screw on my PEC double square in not as good as that on my Starrett machinist square. I would, BTW, recommend a machinist square. Check Epstein to see what he has.
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I have to laugh. I am using my 6" square (Pec) to build a 6-foot square (45-degree angle) to set the deck board alignments. It should be really ack Ur ate! Cool
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About the same as one of these? Rolleyes orange squares Winkgrin

Or, just square the deck using the 3-4-5 rule? Rolleyes
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Here's most of the tools I use for marking, except the machinists square a wide caliper and repeats and stuff I've added.

I made a small plastic square from plexiglass I like the most for small work (not shown).

This is all I ever needed. Sometimes I don't use a square- I have square eyes. Wink

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