We have work to do
Seems I picked up a Mitre Box & Saw the other day ($15)  needs a bit of rehab ( like my knees..)
What I brought home...was easier  to carry without the saw onboard Winkgrin Saw is a 4 x 26 Disston...
Managed to shine the brass a bit, today..
Was missing one depth stop (spares box had one) and I had a replacement for..
today, took the box outside, and gave it a soak....first, since this had an "extra" deck Rolleyes 
Decided to toss the extra level out...and found a few surprises.. Confused 
Ever wonder what that metal disc is for? 
Box has both stock rests....they have a small, round, Button at the back end.   Both of those pointy, little screws that come through the back are there.
gave the box a good soaking with PB Blaster, because the swing arm didn't want to move...
Along with the numbers on top, this has degree markings Cool Need to clean these up...maybe add a little colour in the lines?
It has 4 patent dates, all from 1904...instead of the square, 3 bolt block to hold the guide rods....it has a cylinder with a slot. 

Thinking this is either a #246, or a #346 mitre box....
Not too bad of a find?
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
  Re: We have work to do by bandit571 (Seems I picked up a ...)
That’s a nice one! Good find, and nice cleanup so far.
Steve S.
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  Re: We have work to do by bandit571 (Seems I picked up a ...)
Now that the swing arm does indeed move, the mess was hauled to the shop, since the bench is all cleaned off.. Winkgrin
Started to take things apart at the front of the box...Found out this is a No. 346 Mitre Box... Cool 
Because this is a #3 frame @20-1/4" long.  About the base for the guides... Confused 
This uses the "type 1" base....a tapered pin spreads  the end of the round end, when tightened, it locks the base in place..Guides..
These were from before bearings were added, and even before a groove to hold the wax...you waxed the saw, instead...
Was having issues with the wire wheel on the grinder... Angry 
Was shedding wires worse that a sheepdog sheds in Summer...to the point one wound up IN my shoe...and promptly into my left heel Upset  had to have my son pull the wire out, with a pair of pliers....called it a night....needed to go and buy a new wheel, and a Poplar plank for a new deck, the next morning Winkgrin
Also found a large plastic tub, to toss cleaned up small ( and not so small) parts into... Winkgrin
And changed out the wheel on the grinder (PITA to do Upset )
While cleaning the parts for the guides, found more patent dates on the keepers, the items that hold the saw up until needed..
"Patented  10-5-09"   both clips had this.   Finally got both guides cleaned up, so they were stashed out of the way, for now... Cool 
Mr. L. Millice not only stamped his name 4 times into the handle on the saw, he also stamped it into the crossbar, on both flats...
Stay tuned, more on the way Winkgrin
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  Re: We have work to do by bandit571 (Seems I picked up a ...)
Ok...More clean up going on...Stock rests were shiny, their clamps were too..which left two stock holders to remove...
Figure out how to hold them so they don't fly away....
As I have had a couple take flying lessons... Upset Wanted to remove that metal disc, and it's TINY wood screws, before I removed the old deck... Cool  
Somehow, I doubt if the local BORG has slotted wood screws this small...then the feet/legs came off, bolts shined up, and the parts placed into the tub..
Cleaned one leg up...found out under that black gunk, was a layer of rusty gunk Angry Will clean the other one back to bare metal, then a coat of Rustoleum Black.. then 8 small wood screws were removed, so the old deck  could be taken off.   will use it as a pattern for the new deck...after that..
Not sure WHAT he was cutting...been awhile since anyone has seen this area...Had a bunch of this "stuff" mixed in with cobwebs inside the guides, too Uhoh
Owner's name stamp. A while back, I had rehabbed a Stanley No. 358 Mitre Box...set it beside the latest one...relatives? Cool  except the 358 is a bit newer.
 Still having issues with the King bolt,,,letting it soak a while....a LONG while..
While I find something to turn it with....Would like to get the swing arm off the box, to make cleaning it and the remains of the box better...and then repaint..
Stay tuned....Knee had "therapy" today....a little sore, a bit tired....and..it is a Monday Rolleyes  May  wait a while before the next shop time... Winkgrin
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  Re: We have work to do by bandit571 (Seems I picked up a ...)
A few updates:

Knees (both of them) are still sore...took yesterday off from the shop ( took an afternoon long NAP, Winkgrin instead)
More soakings...then, flipped the frame over, and soaked it from the thread side....left it for the day..

This morning....still wouldn't budge, eh....hammer gave the head of the bolt a few (6-8 a few?) good hard hits.....had to then drive the big screwdriver's tip into the slot.   Assisted by a pair of visegrips ( big ones) on the shank.....uuummmpf...crack!  Bolt is now free!...no damage, either.

Finished cleaning the legs.

Removed the swing arm from the frame,,,a little clean up on it....besides the "B'', there is a "3" cast into the arm....made for a #3 frame.   cleaned underneath where the swing arm sat.....a "478" is cast under the Quadrant casting.  

Swing arm and those two legs were taken outside, and given a coat of Rustoleum black (with a primer in it)let them dry in the sunshine, for a while.
More cleaning was done to the frame....back of the fence was then given a coat of paint, too....waiting on things to fully dry, then more cleaning to do

Film @ 2300 hrs Winkgrin
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
  Re: We have work to do by bandit571 (Seems I picked up a ...)
Thanks for sharing, I enjoy the detailed pics and I love seeing old tools put back to use.

  Re: We have work to do by bandit571 (Seems I picked up a ...)
Picture time Winkgrin
Back cleaned and painted..
Swing arm cleaned, painted, and recleaned..
main frame cleaned and ready for paint..
Legs painted, then installed.   Used the old deck as a pattern...both to shape the new deck..and find out the size needed for a drill bit..
Seems about right....Edges of the new deck needed jointed..beveled, and then flattened the face of the board..
All done with just one plane....Millers Falls No. 11...drilled two holes, second one a through hole for the thumbscrew..and cut 2 dados.
Had to use the old deck to align the dados with ....then, keeping things lined up, flip this mess over, to install the 8 screws to attach the deck..
Hole starter to get the small screws to start...then the Yankee to drive the screws down tight...thought about "clocking" the slots, but, who is going to see them? Winkgrin While the frame was clamped in the vise...noticed a number on the quadrant area...
Casting Number?   "478"?   also found the "frame" number"
Right where the king bolt connects the arm to  the frame....makes this a #346 Mitre Box...
next up, time to assemble everything. and see if it works....
Stay tuned Winkgrin
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  Re: We have work to do by bandit571 (Seems I picked up a ...)
Time for some assembly?  Woodworking was done, except for a finish...so..fiddle around, and got the swing arm installed...would be much easier without the feet in the way Uhoh  
    There is a bushing/collar the the King bolt rotates in.   It is a "press-fit", to where a few hammer taps  are needed.  Oiled the threads on the bolt, and tightened it down...there is a keeper out front...with a very tiny bolt..
The idea is to keep the swing arm from locking into each detent hole, as you swing to the left or right...
Guides and the cross bar were next...Got things all lined up with the saw...only to find out a little plate in the back guide was backwards Upset  Will have to tear that guide down, turn the plate around, and put things back together.    Deck got two coats of stain, and then two coats of Amber Shellac..
dados work..
Need to fix that little plate, though..
But the length stop works...
So...now I have a Stanley No. 358, and this older Stanley No. 346 mitre box...
Hmm, a bit too much for this bench to handle, may have to build a miter bench, sometime...maybe a few shelves?   Need places for the Langdon 75, the Stanley #2246A, these other two Stanleys..and a Jorgenson....Jo can stay torn down, for now....may sell the 2246...NO, you can't have my Langdon...

Next up?  Well, there IS that box of drill bits...and a Atkins/ Sheffield saw to rehab...
Stay tuned...
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
  Re: We have work to do by bandit571 (Seems I picked up a ...)
Nice restore.  If you get enough of them, you can leave them set at different angles so you don't have to move them.  Wink
  Re: We have work to do by bandit571 (Seems I picked up a ...)
Stanley No. 346 is now in it's new home.. Cool 
Bigger saw is my Langdon 75.

need to clear out a junk pile... Rolleyes 
used to be a lathe bench, now has the saw til on one end.  Will clear this space out, and either move the til back here, and turn it 90 degrees, or...see about adding the Stanley No. 358 to this spot....would rather it be out on the saw til's end, to do long pieces. 

may get some 3/4" x 24" x 8' handi-panel...and make a better top shelf....later, I can see about adding shelves below...maybe next payday?
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that

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