Learning from mistakes
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(08-19-2019, 08:26 AM)daddo Wrote: Could never understand why a table had to be 30-1/16"w, when 30"w was just fine or 17-11/32" tall.   No
 Just makes it more complicated for nothing.

I went through some projects in various magazines and found both even and odd dimensions are used. Odd, such as 51-5/8" rather than 51-1/2", for a mirror, or 61-3/4" for the top of a sideboard. Why not 62"? Only the author could answer. May be he only had that kind of stock on hand, and did not want to get something longer at the lumber yard? Winkgrin Big Grin

On the other hand, in Readers Gallery or the like, almost everything is in even measurements.

  Re: Learning from mistakes by DutchieVB (Well, After 15-20 ye...)
Like Johnny said above, if you are just a little short in dimensions, just trim a little more off and add a contrasting solid wood edge band. It's a router table, not a highboy so go for it. It will be fine and look great.
Telling a man he has too many tools,
is like telling a woman she has too many shoes.
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(08-18-2019, 02:37 PM)Handplanesandmore Wrote: No, that wasnt the context at all. The context was 4 ft was never critical and you could go with the 3 ft 10 in stock IF you did not follow any plans without thinking! OMG.


Do you enjoy arguing for argument's sake or do you just have to ALWAYS be right and have the last word???

  Re: Learning from mistakes by DutchieVB (Well, After 15-20 ye...)
I welcome comments that point out where I am not right. Are you trying to discourage me or anyone from having a different say? Set up your own forum if you can't stand people who exercise their freedom of expression. I promise I won't join it.


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