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(10-30-2019, 07:11 AM)WxMan Wrote: ..........

After four years of fruitless searching online and (including OWWM), I finally connected with a retired guy who has some machining skills, and the mills and lathes to do it.  Best part is that he only lives about 4 miles away, and he loves to do small projects like that king bolt.  I gave him $60 to cover the steel stock, the key-cutting bit he broke while doing it, and some of his time.  Truth be told, he probably would have been happy with a case of Miller Lite and the cost of the bit.


This is another example of what we all need to keep in mind. We here are obviously mostly
wood centered.  There are plenty of guys around who are metal centered.

There are legions of home shop machinists out there. Most will be receptive to someone 
with a small project like the fabrication of an unusual part.

Finding him may take awhile, but once you do, you will have a resource/contact for next time!
Mark Singleton

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