# 8 Jointer Plane for sale $ 120 shipped SOLD

I have a jointer plane for sale. This is a screaming good deal for a # 8

I have a # 8 Stanley Bailey that I purchased from rarebear (formerly at woodnet, John Kleso). This Stanley has a smooth bottom Here is how he described it to me when he sold it:
I have a No.8 that has some mis matched parts on it that will not hurt the way it works.. The frog is from a new type that the rear of the plane. It has been tuned and sharpened.

I am looking to get $ 120 including shipping in the continental USA

The other one is a K8 as described to me when I bought it here. THE K8 is SOLD

Keen Kutter K8 (Bedrock) Plane
Keen Kutter K8 corrugated jointer plane for sale. This Keen Kutter is identical to the Stanley #8 roundtop Bedrock series. Stanley made these planes and the only difference is the graphics in the castings.

This K8 has had the sole and the sides very carefully and precisely surface ground(done by a very good machinist)so that they are dead flat and square. There is no deviation greater than .001. Both sides are dead square to the sole. The mouth is perfect and square to the sides.

The Bedrock frog is in excellent condition with no chips, cracks or repairs. It is dead flat. The mating surfaces between the frog and the plane body are excellent with absolutely no wobble.

The small diameter depth adjustment knob works flawlessly with very little lash, maybe a full turn. The lateral adjuster mechanism works flawlessly as well.

The lever cap is without a flaw.

The knob and tote are made from nice wood(I'm not sure of the species)with just a very small chip off the base of the knob. The tote is pristine, no chips cracks or repairs.

The Keen Kutter blade is nearly full length and is fully sharpened and ready to go. The back of the blade is dead flat. No rust or pitting on the blade.

The plane body has been re-painted but there was no rust present on the plane before repainting.

This plane is in very excellent condition and everything works as it should. It easily flattens and straightens long lumber. If one were to put a Hock replacement blade in this plane, you would have a plane as good as any #8 out there.

I am looking to get $ 180 + $ 15-25 shipping depending on your location.

I will be shipping from CA 94089. Shipping weight about 10 pounds.

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K8 plane is sold.
  Re: RE: # 8 Jointer Plane for sale All SOLD by Vijay (K8 plane is sold....)
(09-16-2019, 12:14 AM)Vijay Wrote: K8 plane is sold.

Price dropped on the remaining jointer plane.  Now $ 120 shipped inside continental US.
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(09-16-2019, 08:28 PM)Vijay Wrote: Price dropped on the remaining jointer plane.  Now $ 120 shipped inside continental US.

All jointer planes sold

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