Smart switch question?
This is tangentially related to woodworking but more in home improvement.

I picked up a set of 4 smart switches that use wifi to connect to an app, there are several examples of these on amazon. It was less than $30 for the 4 they say they are rated for 15 amps, so I’m going to set one up with an air cleaner fan in my shop so I can run the air cleaner remotely to circulate air in preparation for my arrival in the shop.

This works great since I already have wifi in the shop.

Now the question.

I have a gate thats 2/10 of a mile from the house, and I am planning to run a network connection to it (ubiquiti point to multi point)
I’m going to run at least one and probably 2 cameras on that network.

Smart switch capability to either remotely open the gate (would have to use a relay as the gate control board is low voltage) or to turn on a 110 light would be nice.

It looks like all the smart switches that I can find are wifi or Bluetooth, I don’t really want to set up a wifi network at the gate, as its right next to the road and would be relatively easy for someone to break into.
I am looking for a smart switch or hub type of thing that would allow wired Ethernet for communication and either high or low voltage relays to turn stuff on and off.

The more that I think about it, I may be better off with a very weak wifi network. ( any low cost solutions for week wireless access points?)

I did fine a reddit post about the wired Ethernet smart switch that suggested that such an animal might not exist due to codes saying you can’t run high and low voltage in the same box.

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For my air compressor automation I just used a cheap smart outlet to energize a cheap motor contactor. The motor contactor control signal was 120v so I just used the output of the smart outlet to energize the contactor. total cost was $40 or so. This method could be used to energize practically any sized load.
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I had given that some thought

I found a smart switch that’s designed to be wired in-line so I’ve ordered it and will update once I get it
  Re: Smart switch question? by JDuke (This is tangentially...)
Got the first one and it was designed for inline but 90-125 AC

Second one came in yesterday seems to run fine with power supply

Will have to see whether it’s reliable with the battery power at gate.


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