Automatic DC Switch for 110V & 220V
So I have one of those switches that turns on the dust collector when you start a tool. It's hooked to the miter saw and the bandsaw that share a wall. I also use the bandsaw hose quick connect with the spindle sander sitting next to it. Always worked great, love the convenience. So now I have a 220V bandsaw and I can't figure a convenient way to turn on the DC with the saw. I knew this would be a change when I bought the new saw, and my original plan was to plug a light into the switch and use the light with the bandsaw and also turn on the DC. Apparently, the light doesn't draw enough amps to kick on the switch. My workaround for the time being is to turn on the OSS when I run the bandsaw to start the DC but this seems like a waste of electricity.

Is there some sort of an automatic switch out there that will power on a small DC from a 110V and a 200V tool? I haven't been able to find one but I figure I can't be the only one who has ran into this problem.
  Re: Automatic DC Switch for 110V & 220V by ajkoontz (So I have one of tho...)
I've got the same switch hooked into my Fein vacuum.
220...hmmmm. Have you got another lamp that you could plug in with your first lamp. Kick them both on at the same time.....maybe that would load the switch..........
Just brain farting here...

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  Re: Automatic DC Switch for 110V & 220V by ajkoontz (So I have one of tho...)
I think if you want a fully automatic system with the machines you have now, you're going to need a more sophisticated setup, and that means more cost. 

I have the iVac Pro system installed in my shop.  I first got the system at my previous residence, and moved it to my current shop when we moved out onto the acreage.

I was using the full system with outlet-based sending units for two machines that communicated with the dust collector to turn it on and off.  But when I upgraded my dust collection system and tripled the number of machines I wanted hooked to the DC, I balked at the cost of adding that four iVac Pro sending units (adding a machine was about $60/machine).  I then changed my direction on controlling the DC and just bought a single iVac Pro remote switch that communicates with the unit controlling the DC.  I find that the additional step of turning the unit on and off is no big deal for me, and I'm comfortable with it.  Given that I'm now having to pay attention to the opening and closing of blast gates, merely hitting the switch on the remote is nothing.

Starting from scratch as I think you are, there are less expensive versions of the remote control setups than the iVac system.  But, I already had some pieces, and the remote control was only $25 or so.  I can always change again and go back to a fully automated system, as long as I'm willing to spend the dollars, of course.   To be truly automated, I'll have to automate the blast gates, and that starts running to some serious coin.
  Re: Automatic DC Switch for 110V & 220V by ajkoontz (So I have one of tho...)
My system uses magnetic reed switches incorporated into my blast gates to control my cyclone. These inexpensive switches are designed for home security systems and are very durable. When I open a blast gate, a magnet contacts the reed switch, closing it and activating a relay which turns on my cyclone. When I close the blast gate, the magnet separates from the switch and turns the cyclone off. It's almost foolproof. I've had my system for ten years and have never had a failure. I built my blast gates to accommodate the switches and the magnets; but, with some ingenuity, they could probably be installed in commercial blast gates.

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