Usefull Chuck ?
Got this 4 jaw Chuck with some other parts.
Just wondering how usefull it would be, being as jaws are independent?
I would need to buy an adapter from 5/8" sound (10er Shopsmith) to 3/4 x 16 you.
Thanks for any help in deciding to keep it or not. Sorry about pic size. Can't figure that one out!

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  Re: Usefull Chuck ? by Pirate (Got this 4 jaw Chuck...)
Since its a metal chuck, its designed for precision, but that means fiddling with each jaw till the work is absolutely centered. Not sure I would want to be bothered with doing that each time I put a piece of wood in it. Also the jaw faces look to be flat, most wood chucks are dovetailed or have a serration of some sort to grip the wood. And you still need to buy and adapter to make it work. I wouldnt want to waste time with it but YMMV.
  Re: Usefull Chuck ? by Pirate (Got this 4 jaw Chuck...)
I have a chuck like that.
I was intending to experiment with possibly mounting some stuff off center, never got around to it.
I guess you have to ask yourself if it's worth $20-30 to get an adapter to try it out.
If you do something with it, post about it Smile
  Re: Usefull Chuck ? by Pirate (Got this 4 jaw Chuck...)
I have one just like it and I would say spray it down with WD 40 and let it soak and clean it up.  I have not used mine for 8 months or so but I do like it for detail stuff.

Just watch your knuckles since it will hit them hard and waking you up really fast and wanting to cuss your carelessness.
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