Vintage B&D Quicksaw help
  Re: Vintage B&D Quicksaw help by brianwelch (Just picked up a 9-1...)
I suppose you've searched Ebay already

The Revos apparently are designed to clamp railroad ties and pull together horrifically prepared joints
WaterlooMark 02/9/2020

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  Re: RE: Vintage B&D Quicksaw help by brianwelch (Thanks for your effo...)
(11-12-2019, 09:30 AM)brianwelch Wrote: Thanks for your efforts Mike...I may put a feeler over at OWWM (mostly shop equipment, but one never knows). I use Dynamic for sharpening, but might give Ridge a shot as they are much closer.
I have a pipe reamer, so might give it a shot on an old throwaway blade to see if it's possible. I am hoping/thinking the flattened sides of the arbor drive are not a deal breaker, and that a true round arbor will work satisfactorily

Anyone know if any shops will/can braze carbide tips on a standard steel blade?


Brian, do not try to re-bore the hole. Send the blade to Your saw sharpening shop or a machine shop. If the bore is not perfect the blade is scrap. You are correct that the flattened sides are of no consequence. 
You are better off with a carbide blade that is bored 1-3/8" than getting the old blade tipped with carbide. If it can be done the cost may be more than several new blades with the re- bore.
I just checked Forest Blade website, they list a cost of $6.50 to re-bore a blade other than new. Sounds like the way to go. You could buy several blades of your choice from any manufacturer , send it to Forest and have them re-bored.
  Re: RE: Vintage B&D Quicksaw help by mike4244 ([quote='brianwelch' ...)
Thank you Mike...your efforts and sentiments are much appreciated
  Re: Vintage B&D Quicksaw help by brianwelch (Just picked up a 9-1...)
I had a similar situation for an old DeWalt saw. Took a 9" blade with a 1 3/8" (if memory serves) D shaped arbor. Bought a new blade and took it up to my local machine shop along with the securing washer (with the D shape) and for the price of a dozen donuts they machined out a perfectly fitting hole. Someone stole the saw so can't show you the results but it was perfect. Don't know how they did but it was beautiful. Paint wasn't even darkened.
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