Has anyone used Old Masters Gel Polyurethane?
On a recent visit to my local Rockeler store, I was looking for my old favorite GF Arm-R-Seal and noticed a product new to me called Old Masters Gel Polyurethane. From the label I see some advantages to using it as opposed to traditional oil based poly – most obviously the fact that it is a wipe-on and buff-off product with no chance for drips and runs.

I am curious if anyone has used it and what your experiences were:
1) What consistency is it ?   Semi-liquid like most gel stains?   or more like paste waxes?
2) Does it dry up or skin over in the can like regular varnishes after  being opened?   or does it maintain its consistency like gel stains and paste waxes and not dry out?
3) Did you like the end results?   Any complaints or advice on how to use it?

While I like Arm-R-Seal (and I most often use it in wipe-on fashion), I can see some advantages to the Old Masters Gel Poly if it works as labeled. But if it is just another finish that dries up in the can, I can see where most of a can could go to waste before being used up.
Interested in any comments you may have.

Thanks in advance.


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