welding ideas for turning jig/tools?
Has anyone done any welding that helps your turning? I was thinking a hollowing rig with a laser would be useful. Anyone made one of these or have a design I could start from?

I figured looks don't matter on turning tools so that'd be a good place to start. haha. Technically i'm still a grinder not a welder since I only learned to weld this year. I made a pretty sweet ATV-go kart ..."for my son" but it's pretty fun to drive. I welded mostly on a friend's TIG set up but I also recently acquired a Lincoln stick welder and am looking for a welding project.

I'm still using a Jet 1014 with a bed extension.
  Re: welding ideas for turning jig/tools? by smithgl12 (Has anyone done any ...)
Here's a parting tool that has a piece of carbide welded to it.
Bought one from another vendor, but here's what it looks like

  Re: welding ideas for turning jig/tools? by smithgl12 (Has anyone done any ...)
You can use the welder to make belt grinders to help sharpen turning tools and other tools such as HSS and other carbon steels.

Attaching a carbide tip to a metal shaft for turning would actually be "Brazing"- not to be confused with welding or soldering (Soldering=temps below 840 degrees F or Brazing= above 840 degrees F).  Carbide can only be "welded" using special equipment.

 I would practice welding- practice practice practice. There are a lot of good videos on youtube on the subject- much more than I had 35 years ago when I started out.  I think good welding practices also come from knowledge of metallurgy, the hardening and tempering processes, how to weld cast steel and cast iron, stainless, low and high carbon steels and so on.

You can buy some HSS square blanks used to cut on metal lathes and grind them to any shape you like, then make a holder for them for wood turning- something I've been tossing around on doing, but it's a project I have on the back burner right now.

The only thing I can think of that I welded for the wood lathe was a curved bar to cut out bowls, but the imagination leaves all kinds of ideas open to you.
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  Re: welding ideas for turning jig/tools? by smithgl12 (Has anyone done any ...)
Thanks! Some good advice there. I hadn’t thought about trying to weld the HSS. I’d worry about about it losing it’s temper and hardness. Agree I’d probably have to were try welding somekind if holder for HSS cutting tips.

I like Lyle Jameson’s design and think I could base a hollowing system off something like that. I just can’t swallow the 500 price tag right now. I bet the steel would be under $100 if I scrounged around a bit.

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