duct booster fan?
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I'll have to open the cabinet and dig around. If worse comes to worse, I'm sure I could figure out something. I have to believe I can set a relay from the T-Srat

It's got an odd sized air filter. 20x23-1/2 x 3/4. It had a very porous washable filter. It didn't filter well as it was falling apart. I put in a cut to fit filter which appears to be what Home Depot calls FPR 4. Best I can tell, that means MERV 6. It's also a washable filter. I pulled it out yesterday and cleaned it. Looked pretty rough. Been doing a lot of remodeling, drywall work etc. It took a long time to get it clean with a garden hose and compressed air. I put it back in and saw better flow at the register, not a lot better but noticeable. Then I looked at the temps again at the regjsters. Huge difference. The other registers jumped from 74 degrees to an average of 81 degrees. The register in question went up from 71 degrees to 76 degrees. I had no idea it was that dirty and no idea It could make that much of a difference. It doesn't fix my problem but my system is happier as well as my pocketbook.

Dado mentioned setting another relay off the T-stat. This looks simple enough. A simple 24v normally open relay is about 10 bucks.
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