Evolve Recycled Paint (from Habitat Re-Store)???
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thanks all.
since it is "just" a garage, i'll give it a try.
  Re: Evolve Recycled Paint (from Habitat Re-Store)??? by brax71 (Anyone have experien...)
Prep is more important than the paint. Use good primer and you can use less expensive paint.

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They have been selling that stuff for years now. I would not use it inside a house. Like mentioned it is old paint that the citys and other recycle locations collect. That paint is no telling how many decades old and they just dump it all into 55 gallon drums through a screen and come up with a generic color. Mike Rowe did a dirty jobs on it once and it is still done that way. 
             Also if you really want to use that paint you can usually pick it up from your city for free. Most citys now have it available for pickup just for showing that you live in the city. 

           Inside the house use a new decent quality paint. My favorite is Behr Marquee but for stuff around our house I often buy Glidden. Very happy with Glidden as it flows out much better than the valspar garbage.
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(01-03-2020, 01:39 PM)brax71 Wrote: Anyone have experience with "Evolve Ultra Premium Recycled Latex Paint" from the Habitat for Humanity Re-store?

Closing on our house next week, and the garage has tired-looking 20 year old paint - I want to freshen it up before moving in.  Not looking for magazine-layout design, just something to slap on the walls and make it look a little better.  Price is good -- $56.95 for a 5 gal bucket and then a 40% discount (~$6.84/gal). 

I'd never heard of recycled paint and don't know anyone who has used it -- very tempted since it's cheap and since it's just a garage.  I've googled, but can't find anything other than ads from the manufacturer.  


I forgot to mention the change of address packet from USPS will have discount coupons for paint places and the like more often than not.  Your location might be helpful

Do not use flat paint it will soak up any stains or marks
If you have a nextdoor.com group where you are moving you can always post a listing asking for paint.  Lots of people have a project that once done want to get rid of the left overs.  Most often you will end up with cans of whatever Home depot or lowes sells.  I have used free paint for several garages all were white.  Several cans into a 5 gallon can and stirred with a drill motor.  Recycle leftovers.  Fairly certain I will be painting a garage in the next couple of weeks using the same method if I come across some or just buying some at HD.
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